Why have the bills increased? The reasons for the rise in electricity and gas prices

Why have the bills increased? The reasons for the rise in electricity and gas prices
Why have the bills increased? The reasons for the rise in electricity and gas prices

Why bills increased in October, what are the reasons for the rise in electricity and gas utilities: this is what it is

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When it comes to bills and utilities, understandably everyone’s attention is high, even more so if this issue is associated with that ofincrease and price increases: but why did the bills rise in October? The reasons and what you need to know.

The topics related to the economy are at the heart of citizens and taxpayers grappling with costs to support, expense items related to home management and much more. As is known, in October there is a increase in the cost of electricity and gas utilities which, as we read from Sky Tg 24, suffer an increase of 29.8% each, and 14.4% the other.

Such price increases, where ever there had not been the intervention by the government equal to approx 3 billion euros, they would have been even more full-bodied, around 45% and 30% or even more.

Following the decree linked to the cutting of electricity and gas bills by the Council of Ministers, the Arera announced the update for the protected market valid for the 4th quarter of the year, with the increases controlled by the work of the government.

But why have the bills increased?

Bills, why did the utilities increase in October? Light and Gas, the reasons

High attention therefore from taxpayers later the increase in costs in the electricity and gas bill, with citizens struggling with higher cost items, but what are the reasons?

As we read on Sky Tg 24, the increase in electricity it mostly concerns the rise in the raw material component, with Fanpage.it which also mentions the rise in CO2 emission prices, also known as Ets. The reason is linked to the European emissions system, according to which large companies are required to pay for the carbon dioxide emitted.

For the purposes of production, therefore, they must purchase emission quotas. The European Union has adopted a decarbonisation policy which has resulted to the increase in prices of the aforementioned quotas and therefore an increase in prices.

As for the gas, the main reason is the increase in the raw material component; on Fanpage we read about the gas, that the country’s energy needs are mostly based on gas and thermoelectric power plants that run on methane.

Renewable energies, like other countries in Europe, are not enough for what is the demand. Furthermore, it says, the climate has also had an impact, as the demand has been high recently for heaters and air conditioners.

Electricity and gas bonus 2021: who is entitled to, requirements and conditions

In response to the increase in utilities in question, there was as mentioned government intervention who opted to increase the bonus linked to electricity and gas 2021, with checks intended to compensate for the aforementioned reinforcements.

In addition, the government increased the social bonus, which reaches a figure of 450 million euros, and has lowered VAT on gas and system charges for twenty-nine million families and six million micro-enterprises, we read on Sky Tg24.

Here, about the bonus, the page of Arera.

To receive the electricity bonus there will be approximately 3 million households, while for the gas sector there will be approximately 2.5 million households. It will be those who are in a situation of greater economic difficulty who will receive it, as well as those who receive the citizenship income or those who have health problems and need electrical equipment to survive, he explains. Sky Tg24.

Tale bonus can be added to Bonus bills and, we read, it will be applied automatically to users, with the surcharges that will be added to the amounts already received previously.

On the Arera page all the information about it. AND appropriate and important that interested parties investigate by means of a comparison with specialists and experts in the sector this topic, in order to obtain more information, explanations and clarifications in this regard, both in general and in the specifics of one’s own situation.

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High bills, costs and increases: how to save?

The increase in utilities might give rise to the need for save money, by cutting out items of expense and reducing i consumption, a practice that could in any case be followed in general and beyond the increase itself.

There are several areas, ideas and ideas that can be followed, such as for example those about nutrition and other decisions that can make a difference.

But it should not be forgotten that savings also concern other items, such as those relating to the possibility of spend less at home, with shopping or the car, to name a few, without considering the impact it may have on costs heating, with some solutions that can limit costs day by day.

In addition, as is well known, to weigh on costs in bill there is the use of home appliances: is it possible to save month by month? Here are some tips to try in this regard.

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