Demonstration in Rome against fascisms. Police Headquarters: 60 thousand in the square – Chronicle

Demonstration in Rome against fascisms. Police Headquarters: 60 thousand in the square – Chronicle
Demonstration in Rome against fascisms. Police Headquarters: 60 thousand in the square – Chronicle

Rome, 16 October 2021 – Sixty thousand people according to the Police Headquarters (two hundred thousand for the unions) gathered in Piazza San Giovanni a Roma for the manifestation national team of Cgil, Cisl and Uil ‘No more fascisms’ after last Saturday’s squad aggression in the headquarters of the CGIL by some exponents of Forza Nuova and no-vax activists.


At the helm of the procession the general secretary of the Corso d’Italia union, Maurizio Landini. The leader of the CGIL broke the habits for the stage of San Giovanni and presented himself for the first time with a bright red tie on gray jacket. “This is the first time I have worn a tie for a meeting. I chose it”, Landini answered jokingly, to those who asked him if his wife had chosen it. A partisan demonstration? “No, this is a demonstration that defends the democracy of all. That’s the theme, “the secretary said for respond to Salvini’s words. “The attack on the CGIL, the attack on the trade union is in reality an attack on the dignity of work of the whole country. And we are here not to defend someone but to defend democracy and to extend it”.

“This square asks for concrete actions, from solidarity we must pass toconcrete action, the state demonstrates its democratic strength in applying the laws and principles of the constitution “, reaffirmed Landini.

The leader of the Cisl, Luigi Sbarra he denounced that the vaccination obligation has not been introduced for “political convenience” and “so conflicts are discharged in the world of work”. From the stage Sbarra asked for the immediate dissolution of all the neo-fascist and neo-Nazi forces. For don Ciotti: “The violence of fascisms, racisms and sovereignties – he said – comes from the poison of a disintegrated society and a pale democracy”.

Landini was greeted by the slogans “We are all anti-fascists” and “secretary-secretary”. The order service accompanying the procession is impressive. The speakers of the organizers immediately sent the own union songs, not least ‘Come on people’. From the road, passing motorists have horn sounded of approval for the demonstration and pulled fists raised from the windows which were responded with as many raised fists. “We with the fascists finished talking on April 25, 1945”: so on the second banner at the opening of the parade of the Fillea CGIL Rome and Lazio.

Dozens of members of associations, movements and parties, from Pd to M5s and Leu, Action, Italian Left, Communist Refoundation, Green Europe. In the square, among others, the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta and the leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte. Luigi was also present Di Maio. A real crowd bath saw the former prime minister as the protagonist after the intervention of Maurizio Landini and on the notes of Bella ciao. Conte, instead of immediately leaving the understage from where he followed the speeches, went to the crowd that huddled behind the barriers, embraced him and asked him for photos with the red flags of the CGIL and the other unions.

The center-right, on the other hand, absent, also appealing to respect for electoral silence, as repeated by the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, which rejects “the attempt to shift responsibility to the sole opposition”. “The square will be biased”, had attacked the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini: “Now we must speak to everyone, against the extremists, without going to war”. In recent days Come on Italy he had made it known that he would attend if the date was moved.

“While in Europe the blood flows at the hands of Islamic terrorism, the only real danger of these times, in Rome the left campaigns (on the day of silence) chasing fascists who, fortunately, are no longer there. The finest example of a fascist one can come across today … is that of the self-styled anti-fascist solely dedicated to calling a fascist who is not a fascist. Leonardo Sciascia “, Salvini then wrote on Facebook.

Cyber ​​attack

During today’s new event cyber attack to the CGIL sites. This was announced by the union itself. “In conjunction with today’s extraordinary demonstration – it is written in a short note – a very structured cyber attack has started, coming from various sources, which is affecting the entire communication system of the CGIL, in particular Consequently, all accesses were closed and the system secured “.

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