“The flow of migrants is unsustainable”. Now the Democratic Party also notices

“The flow of migrants is unsustainable”. Now the Democratic Party also notices
“The flow of migrants is unsustainable”. Now the Democratic Party also notices

“The Municipality of Modena is facing a situation that is no longer sustainable as regards the management of the flow of arrivals of minors foreigners unaccompanied. It is therefore essential to obtain their relocation “. Words that would not be surprised if they came from some exponent of the Lega or Fratelli d’Italia. Instead, Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, mayor of Modena, registered with the Democratic party, in a letter addressed directly to the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese to denounce the management of migrants

In the letter, Muzzarelli invites the owner of the Interior Ministry to initiate “assessments and interventions by the ministry and the government“. And underlines that”Modena is a welcoming city, but there is a limit at all“, so “it is clear that the numbers are so significant as to upset the entire reception system, with the risk of also triggering tsocial tensions in the contexts in which they are located, as well as in the host communities“. A phrase that could be applied to the entire country. The words of the mayor of the Emilian city were immediately taken up by various exponents of the League, also because they confirm that Lamorgese’s work on migrants has not raised discontent only in the center-right. “Even the mayor Muzzarelli was forced to take a pen and paper and write to Minister Lamorgese to ask for urgent interventions“, commented the deputy of the Carroccio Guglielmo Golinelli, who added:”The risk of social tensions is high. The owner of the Interior Ministry takes a hit: if you really don’t want to hear from the League, which for months has denounced the resumption of the invasion of illegal immigrants in Italy, listen at least to the heartfelt appeal of the mayor of Modena, who is from the Democratic Party“.

For weeks Matteo Salvini e Giorgia Meloni they ask for a step back from the Lamorgese. Requests that have become more insistent after the disastrous management of the manifestation against the Green pass that invaded the center of Rome on 9 October, culminating in the assault and devastation of the Roman headquarters of the CGIL. A confidential note from the Digos later revealed that the authorities underestimated the danger posed by the violent militants of Forza Nuova and that the march towards the CGIL would be allowed (after an agreement with the police, revealed the lawyer of one of those stopped), also to lighten the situation around Palazzo Chigi. For this, Giorgia Meloni lashed out at the former prefect of Milan, accusing her of “having done nothing” and of having “deliberately allowed” the neo-fascists led by Giuliano Castellino to arrive under the headquarters of the CGIL. There are not only migrants, therefore. And Lamorgese, who will report to Parliament on Tuesday on what went wrong in the security cordon on the 9th, is on the grill.


flow migrants unsustainable Democratic Party notices

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