LIVE – Lazio-Inter 1-1, 80 ‘: final rush at the Olimpico, biancocelesti forward

LIVE – Lazio-Inter 1-1, 80 ‘: final rush at the Olimpico, biancocelesti forward
LIVE – Lazio-Inter 1-1, 80 ‘: final rush at the Olimpico, biancocelesti forward

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Christian Liotta

October 16

LAZIO 1-1 INTER (12′ Perisic (I, rig.), 64′ Immobile (L, rig.))


80′ – Bravo Dimarco to prevent Immobile from arriving on a poisonous balloon. Biancocelesti who gain the field.

78′ – Darmian puts in the middle, ball that Dumfries can’t control.

75′ – Large number of Brozovic resisting Pedro’s assault. Pedro himself leaves for Zaccagni, while Lautaro Martinez takes Dzeko’s place.

73′ – Try to put Correa in the middle, the defense intercepts.

72′ – Milinkovic-Savic finds Pedro, whose shot ends up high. On the overturn, Dumfries tries to serve Dzeko who is anticipated in the area.

70′ – Lazzari runs away to Darmian who lands him with a hand on his shoulder.

66 ‘- In Lazio Lazzari and Luis Alberto take the place of Hysaj and Basic. In Inter inside Correa, Vecino and Dumfries for Perisic, Gagliardini and Bastoni.

64′ – Immobile from the spot … GOAL OF LAZIO! Dismissed Handanovic, it’s a draw!

63 ‘- Penalty kick for Lazio! Batons hand ball on Patric’s header, the defender is booked!

62′ – Milinkovic-Savic wins a rebound, Lazio becomes dangerous. Perisic comes from behind and sweeps a fireball for a corner.

60′ – Milinkovic-Savic sees the hole and tries from a distance, the ball goes out.

57′ – Pinball in the biancoceleste area, sweeps the defense with the help of Immobile.

56′ – Through ball in the Nerazzurri area, Skriniar controls Handanovic’s exit. On the restart, Patric makes a mistake and then commits a foul on Dimarco.

55′ – Felipe Anderson-Dimarco clash, for Irrati it is a foul by the Nerazzurri.

54′ – Milinkovic Savic tries to throw forward, but returns the ball to Inter. You will be a hyena.

52′ – Immobile enters the area, disengages well between three defenders but then kicks badly sending high.

51′ – Dimarco serves in the area, finding Darmian whose header doesn’t worry Reina.

50′ – Barella gains the bottom and invents a cross too strong for Dzeko who crosses the area and ends up outside.

48′ – Inter starting the second half by managing the ball.

19.05 – First ball of the second half for Inter: GET STARTED!

19.04 – The two teams are regaining the field for the second half.

INTERVAL – An advantage that basically does not make a turn, that of this first half of the Olimpico, for Inter. The Nerazzurri team played 45 minutes at a good level, culminating with the goal of the advantage arrived thanks to Ivan Perisic’s goal from a penalty kick in the 12th. Then, Lazio counterbalances some offensive gusts to Inter-quality plays which, however, do not give Handanovic much thought, except for a Basic shot that is rejected. Good first half.

46 ‘pt – Irrati whistles the end of the first half: Inter at rest, 1-0 lead over Lazio!

45′ – There will be a minute of recovery.

44′ – Pedro! Shot of the former Barcelona deflected by the defense that hisses a breath from the right post.

43′ – Darmian returns, but Dumfries begins to warm up.

42′ – Darmian on the ground in pain after a clash with Pedro, Inzaghi asks the Lazio players to send out.

41′ – Brozovic-Perisic-Barella, quality play. Number 23 skips Patric then tries to get in the way, finding Reina.

41′ – Try Basic again from distance, Handanovic blocks his central shot.

40′ – Patric avalanche on Gagliardini, Irrati first lets play then whistles the penalty.

38′ – Gagliardini this time the foul takes it from Felipe Anderson, Inter punishment without success.

36 & # 39; – Gagliardini looks for the ball but knocks down Leiva: Irrati warns the Nerazzurri midfielder but he has something to say.

35′ – Felipe Anderson sows Sticks and flies forward, then kicking weakly: Handanovic sure.

34′ – Perisic! Botta from outside the Croatian on an assist from Brozovic, Reina rejects with a great reflex.

33′ – Immobile’s header on Lazio’s sprint corner kick, the ball ends up on the side. Handanovic recalls his.

32′ – Inter persistent action, Barella’s cross for Dzeko’s cut at the near post. Low header and ball to the side.

31′ – Barella served by Darmian hits the far post with a round shot that does not frame the goal. Perisic claimed it lower.

30′ – Two corners lined up for Lazio. On the second Handanovic exits and blocks.

27′ – Pedro tries to get Brozovic drunk. Barella intercepts and tries to get out, Basic drowns him and is cautioned.

24′ – Basic from close range takes a safe shot but finds Handanovic’s response, then Skriniar sends for a corner.

23′ – Some thrills for the Nerazzurri defense, who come out in style with Bastoni.

21′ – Dimarco finds Basic’s deviation which he sends for a corner. The winger is desperate for not having taken the best of Brozovic’s launch.

20′ – Dimarco looks for Dzeko in the area, Patric moves away. Then Barella loses the ball, Lazio starts again with the ball for Basic anticipated by Brozovic.

19′ – Brozovic misses the support for Barella, Felipe Anderson throws himself forward but is stopped by Skriniar.

15′ – Problems for Dimarco after a clash with Milinkovic-Savic, Perisic sends the ball out but Inzaghi doesn’t like it: he wanted his followers to continue.

12′ – He takes charge of the Perisic joke … GOL GOL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL DELL’INTEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR !!! Reina totally displaced, Nerazzurri ahead !!!

11 ‘- Penalty kick for Inter! Hysaj lands Barella, Irrati has no doubts!

11 ‘- Double chance Lazio! Pedro with a sure shot finds Skriniar rejected, Leiva arrives on the ball and kicks high.

10′ – Sticks deep throw for Dzeko, who in a split does not reach the ball for a short time.

9′ – Shot by Felipe Anderson on Bastoni, which remains on the ground for a few moments.

8′ – Darmian gets the first corner of the match. On the developments, De Vrij with the head does not frame the goal.

7′ – Darmian tries to throw Dimarco, anticipated by Marusic who supports for Reina.

6′ – Inaccurate launch by Perisic for Barella, Lazio recovers.

5′ – Another foul by Gagliardini on Immobile, Lazio is growing.

4′ – The barrier rejects Milinkovic-Savic’s shot, but Lazio recover the ball.

3′ – Skriniar’s contact on Pedro, an excessive but dangerous punishment for Lazio.

2′ – Perisic cross on which Dzeko heads to send high. Barella was ready to volley.

18.02 – Lazio will be the kick-off of the match: PARTIES!

18.01 – Handanovic and Immobile in the center of the field for the draw.

17.59 – The referee trio enters the field, followed by the two teams.

17.57 – Teams in the locker room tunnel, while the Olimpico sings. Many greetings for the former De Vrij from the Biancocelesti players.

17.51 – Before the match, Simone Inzaghi heads towards the North Curve of the Olimpico. A few whistles, but also a beautiful banner commemorating the 22 years in biancoceleste and choirs for the former Lazio coach who is also awarded a prize.

MARKERS: 12 ‘Perisic (I, rig.), 64’ Immobile (L, rig.)

LAZIO: 25 Reina; 77 Marusic, 3 Luiz Felipe, 4 Patric, 23 Hysaj (66 ’29 Lazzari); 21 Milinkovic-Savic, 6 Leiva, 88 Basic (66 ’10 Luis Alberto); 7 Felipe Anderson, 17 Immobile, 9 Pedro (76 ’20 Zaccagni).

On the bench: 1 Strakosha, 31 Adamonis, 5 Escalante, 8 Akpa Akpro, 19 Vavro, 26 Radu, 27 Moro, 32 Cataldi, 94 Muriqi.

Coach: Maurizio Sarri.

INTER: 1 Handanovic; 37 Skriniar, 6 De Vrij, 95 Sticks (67 ‘2 Dumfries); 36 Darmian, 5 Gagliardini (67 ‘8 Vecino), 77 Brozovic, 23 Barella, 32 Dimarco; 9 Dzeko (76 ’10 Lautaro Martinez), 14 Perisic (67’ 19 Correa).

On the bench: 21 Cordaz, 97 Radu, 11 Kolarov, 13 Ranocchia, 20 Calhanoglu, 33 D’Ambrosio, 48 Satriano.

Coach: Simone Inzaghi.

Referee: Radio. Assistants: Perrotti – Palermo. Fourth Man: Manganiello. WHERE: Mazzoleni. Assistant VAR: Priests.

Ammonites: Basic (L), Gagliardini (I), Bastoni (I)

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