Milan is not just business, it becomes citizen-friendly –

Milan is not just business, it becomes citizen-friendly –
Milan is not just business, it becomes citizen-friendly –

Dear Slaves,
I welcome the invitation to reflect on the new Milan, the city where I have lived for over 35 years. I live in an area (between Centrale and Garibaldi) that has undergone a major urban transformation and which still today sees the private buyer of public spaces offered for sale, the real protagonist of this transformation, but in speculative terms as it also happened in the past. When I came to live here twenty years ago, I had a green space at the back of the building which, although uncultivated, gave me a nice cool morning. Today I have a huge building with a helicopter platform that in summer gives sun reflections so intense that even the shutters melt. At the beginning of my short road, two public parking areas have been sold to those who now build three huge buildings that flank another already built, very high, which will take away at least two hours of sunshine. In short, in a few years the city land was built up and consumed intensively to the detriment of us residents (increase in traffic and noise, decrease in the already few parking spaces) for the benefit of the few who made a profit. This is also why I did not go to vote: because this idea of ​​the city, of course, is vital and animated but only business oriented I don’t like it, just as I don’t like that this administration does not protect the residents and does not evaluate the consequences of its choices on the citizens who live in the neighborhoods. The city first of all of its inhabitants and should not be considered only a business for those who use it or frequent it as a commuter or for business, as well as entire neighborhoods are transformed into nightlife places while nothing is done to calm the rents and support the trade that is disappearing in favor of shopping centers or foreign online. Private interest has been governing for some time now and perhaps also for this reason that there was so much abstention in the last round of elections. Transforming does not just mean building.

Anna Fabris

Dear Anna,
Milan is like a moving train, to change you have to know where to go. The direction she does not like indicates a point on which public and private should find the right measure: not only the city that rises, but the city of citizens. As for the business oriented, there has always been: municipal reformism served to temper excesses and did not always make it. With the non-vote I disagree: it leaves a void, not an example.

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16 October 2021 | 09:44



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