Covid Bulletin in Lombardy and Italy today Saturday 16 October: 2,983 cases and 14 deaths

Covid Bulletin in Lombardy and Italy today Saturday 16 October: 2,983 cases and 14 deaths
Covid Bulletin in Lombardy and Italy today Saturday 16 October: 2,983 cases and 14 deaths

It will be themandatory green pass effect at work ma la vaccination campaign has skyrocketed. About 69 thousand were first administered yesterday, October 15, 2021, date of entry into force of the obligation of the green pass in the workplace. Comparing the data with that of last Friday, when the first doses had reached 58,661, there is a differential of over ten thousand administrations. This was underlined by the commissioner for the Covid emergency led by general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. The total number of people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine has exceeded 46 million, a figure equal to 85.41% of the vaccinated audience, made up of over 12. The complete vaccinated are 43.74 million, equal to approximately ‘81% of the audience. The total number of administrations, according to this morning’s update, exceeded 87.3 million. Yesterday i download di green pass there were 867,039, a new record in the last three months, retouching the one set the day before to 860,094. Numbers much higher than the average of downloads in recent weeks, which fluctuated between 4 and 500 thousand per day.

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In the Italian pharmacies of the compulsory Green pass at work “the data are evident: we have gone from 300 thousand tampons on 13 October to 600 thousand on 14 and yesterday’s figure”, G-Day, “I am recovering in these hours. there will be queues, surely there will be some waiting, surely there will be some discomfort, but just as surely the system is holding up in a very important way “. This was declared by Andrea Mandelli, president of the Federation of the Orders of Italian Pharmacists (Fofi). “Once again – he is keen to underline – the work we are doing demonstrates how pharmacies are the real proximity to the country”.

Covid Italy and Lombardy, bulletin of October 15: 2,732 new cases and 42 deaths


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Waiting for today’s data yesterday in Lombardy the new positives were 288 for a positivity index of 0.2%. The deaths 4 for a total of 34,112 since the beginning of the pandemic. The hospitalized were 297 and 3 in intensive care 56.

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Abruzzo There are 26 new positives (aged between 5 and 90 years) compared to 2431 molecular swabs and 10058 antigenic tests. A dead.

South Tyrol Against 915 PCR swabs, 50 new positive cases were registered. There were no further deaths. The people currently in quarantine are 1,603.

Basilicata 967 molecular swabs were processed, of which 16 were positive. On the same day, 67 healings were recorded.

Calabria To date, the total number of swabs performed have been 1,241,188 (+3,870). The people who tested positive for Coronavirus are 85,521 (+69) compared to yesterday. No deaths.

Campania There are 340 new cases of covid and one death. The swabs processed yesterday are 23,124. Today’s report on beds on a regional basis reports 656 intensive care beds available, of which 15 are occupied while hospital beds are available, including Covid beds and private offerings, 3,160, of which 173 are occupied.

Emilia Romagna There are 240 new cases out of a total of 29,351 swabs. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made is 0.8%. Unfortunately there are also two deaths.

Friuli Venezia Giulia On 5,303 molecular swabs, 123 new infections were detected with a positive percentage of 2.32%. In addition, 15,812 rapid antigenic tests have been carried out, from which 10 cases (0.06%) were detected. Unfortunately there is one death.

Lazio Out of 15,816 molecular swabs and 22,659 antigenic swabs for a total of 38,475 swabs, 222 new positive cases were recorded. Five deaths. The ratio of positives to buffers is 0.5%.

Walk In the last 24 hours, 23 new cases have been identified, equal to 1.3% compared to the 1,798 swabs processed (yesterday the ratio was 7%, with 99 cases out of 1,419 swabs). No new victims were recorded.

Piedmont The Crisis Unit of the Region has communicated 214 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 111 after antigen tests), equal to 0.4% of 52,866 swabs performed, of which 47,591 antigenic. There are 17 hospitalized in intensive care (- 3 compared to yesterday). Patients not in intensive care are 182 (+ 5 compared to yesterday). A death.

Puglia Out of 21,315 swabs performed or 134 people tested positive with a positivity rate of 0.6%. There are no deaths.

Sardinia No deaths in the last 24 hours and 22 further confirmed cases of positivity. The positivity rate is 0.8%.

Tuscany The new registered cases are 212 out of 32,014 tests of which 8,575 molecular swabs and 23,439 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 0.66% (2.4% on the first diagnoses). No deaths.

Trentino About 8,500 swabs analyzed, zero deaths and 29 new infections identified

Umbria The new cases of positive ascertained are 32, the healed 67, while the number of deaths is unchanged, standing at 1,456. The positive rate on the total is equal to 0.57 per cent (unchanged compared to Friday).

Veneto It is an almost flat graph that of infections in Veneto, which for weeks have been constantly traveling between 3-400 new cases per day. Today the new positives are 398 (yesterday they were 342). There are no victims: the total number of deaths is therefore still at 11,800. 474,436 people have been infected since the beginning of the epidemic. The report of the Region reports it. The current positives are 9,052. There are 136 hospitalized in medical areas, 30 in intensive care.

Valle d’Aosta No deaths and 7 new infections.


I’m over 240 million, to be precise 240.036.345, the cases of Covid-19 recorded in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. This is what emerges from the latest update of the Johns Hopkins University database, according to which the victims of the virus so far are almost 4.9 million, while the vaccine doses administered are close to 6.6 billion.

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