Manuela Arcuri, also a victim like many others: “I couldn’t send him to that country”

Manuela Arcuri was also a victim. The list of those who have told such unpleasant experiences is very long. As if being a woman always presupposes something else. The MeToo movement has opened a Pandora’s box. Let’s see what the beautiful actress said.

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It is not a pleasant experience, neither to live nor to tell. And, above all, a fundamental premise before addressing this discourse, it is not the woman’s fault. Let’s talk about sexual harassment and Manuela Arcuri he told of having suffered from them early in their career, when he was younger. Such absurd requests as to make anyone blown away.

And no, the ‘I would have reacted like this’ speech doesn’t work. And do you know why? Because it is one thing to talk about it, it is one thing to experience the scene, the moment, perhaps in a period of one’s life in which one is not yet fully aware of how much strange, anomalous, inappropriate and out of place requests can be received from an employer. Let’s try to understand, better, what happened.

Manuela Arcuri and the absurd requests on ‘to show …’

Many have been through it, but this does not dampen either the pain or the anger. But, yes, maybe you feel less alone. Manuela Arcuri had the courage to tell it. And more and more women are able to do it. Shameless. Because shame should feel it whoever carries out these actions, not those who suffer them.

Through the MeToo movement a new awareness has spread around the phenomenon. Which is not Italian but worldwide. What is uncovered is a real Pandora’s box, made up of directors and producers and entertainers who, apparently, would have made particular requests and not at all pertinent to the assignment.

Manuela Arcuri tells it in an interview with National newspaper, underlining some disturbing details and speaking, openly, of “depraved“. After all, how else to call someone who, during a casting for films certainly not of the hardcore type, asks, out of the blue, to “show the otherwise“. And here is his story.

The knife on the side of the handle

The beautiful actress, now 44, explains that it could happen: someone made special requests. She was just starting out and it sure will have been horrifying to be asked for certain things. “It happens in the cinema as in other jobs. In the relationship between director and actress, the director feels he has the knife on the side of the handle“.

Terrible statements that make an impression and that should make men think above all. “Every now and then – he explained – there was some fool who tried“. And she refused, punctually. But “I was so young – he added – that I didn’t have the strength to send him to that country, today I’d give him a slap“.

Today Manuela Arcuri is a conscious, strong woman, proud of her path. The last times of forced stops and blocks due to pandemic have not been very easy for any character of the show, but she – who seems, from her words, to have great determination and fortitude – always looks forward towards new goals.

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