“Abraham called up, Viña plays. Little respect for me at the Stadium “

Abraham’s condition?
“Today’s training is too little, but he will travel with us to Turin and we’ll see tomorrow. Day after day he’s improving but we’ll see tomorrow. Vina will be there.”

Can Juventus still fight for the Scudetto?
“This is a question to ask Allegri, then if you want me to answer, I’ll tell you yes. They have more than twenty good and quality players, they have a great coach and are strong candidates for victory.”

Villar out of the squad?
“Why does he say this? Strange that he asks me about Villar when we are more than twenty players, strange to ask me specifically about him. It does not mean that he is not called up, maybe someone saw him half an hour ago outside Trigoria and came to the conclusion He will be with us but he will not play. He is making an important effort on my way of playing, he is making an effort to change the way I play that last year was easier for him with 5 behind. I am happy and opportunities will come to play, maybe tomorrow “.

Who are the “resultatists”?
“They are the ones who won, then this name seems a negative thing. This is a wrong concept, Allegri and I have won something and this must be seen in a positive way. I have led several clubs, I will be happy to greet Allegri before and after. The game. There is respect and esteem, we met often in UEFA meetings in Nyon, we had lunch and dinner together. It’s not that we are great friends, but I like him as a person and we have a good relationship, it will be a pleasure to be together. with him. I am obviously happy that he is back to work, he has been out for too long “.

Could Orsato not be happy in refereing the match? What welcome do you expect?
“Before the game I’m always happy with the referee, I don’t care about the past or the results. Many times I’m not even interested in the referee, I start from the principle that everyone is good and wants to do well. In this case Orsato has great experience and I’m happy. Sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they are obviously not happy and the criticism comes out. As a starting point, I am always happy for the referee and tomorrow will be no different. On the reception at the Stadium maybe there will be the same as always or maybe different, I don’t know. Last time with Manchester United I had a reaction that was criticized, but they don’t know what I went through for 90 minutes and it remains that 10 second reaction. There is a lot of talk about that kind of attitude. respect towards the people, for 90 minutes in that circumstance there was no respect. It is not a drama “.

How are the other strikers doing?
“Well, if you need to, they play. We have had some difficulties that big teams generally don’t have, there is balance in some squads that compensates for the starters. If Abraham doesn’t play, we have Shomurodov and Borja Mayoral who are doing well.”

Do Newcastle fans point you to the ideal man to rebuild the club?
“I have nothing to say, I can say that I had a connection with the city but nothing more. I am 100% happy with Roma and with the Friedkin project.”

What game are you expecting? Do you fear it compared to the others?
“No, every game is worth three points, then it’s always nice to play with teams that have quality players.”

Has Roma already reduced the gap compared to last year?
“Sometimes it is difficult to answer because I always repeat the same things. Juventus plays to win the Champions League, we play to win the Conference League. Juventus have won nine championships in a row, Roma zero. Juventus has worked with Allegri already 5 years, I arrived three months ago. Juventus have a squad with 25 international players, we have 13-14 with good young players trying to learn. There is a substantial difference, but when you start a game we are 11 against 11 and until the last second all this must be forgotten, especially us. We must have the personality and the courage to play our game “.

Did you have to make any changes to this game?
“The only thing I can compare with the past is the pragmatism of the result. Last year there were results, this year another. I’m trying to grow the team, we have a game plan and it’s difficult to work with. all because today we have practically done nothing, we have worked a lot individually. We have a game plan, we know who we play against and we already know that Allegri knows how we will play, the only doubt is whether we will put Abraham or not. We, on the other hand, cannot understand who will play for Juventus because there are so many even if they don’t have Dybala and Rabiot, they have many options and preparing for the match is more complicated, it will be a match that will serve us for the future. We are growing and for me a certain identity is important, not I want to play differently than what we know how to do. We will go there to play, if we don’t win I would like it to be Juventus’ fault and not ours. artita we will forget everything “.

Will you change your offensive development?
“They will have certain dynamics and so will we. I don’t want to lose our game identity, I don’t want to give or offer Juventus what they want to have, I want to give them things they don’t like. This is the dialectic of the game, I have to adapt the team sometimes and for me it is more difficult than Allegri “

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