Fai Autumn Days 2021, what to see in Naples and its province – What to do

Fai Autumn Days 2021, what to see in Naples and its province – What to do
Fai Autumn Days 2021, what to see in Naples and its province – What to do

Naples, 16 October 2021 – The Fai Autumn Days are back in Campania, after a year of stoppage due to the Covid pandemic, the doors and visits of many of the hidden treasures of our historical, artistic and landscape heritage are reopened. The appointment is for 16 and 17 October. An edition that will also allow access to places and buildings of the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Staff and the Armed Forces thanks to the collaboration to celebrate the centenary of the transfer of the Unknown Soldier. In Naples you can visit the eighteenth-century Palazzo Serra di Cassano, where today the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies is located and where the famous “Grand Ball of the Kings” was organized on the occasion of the 1960 Rome Olympics; there Nunziatella Military School, whose name derives from the Baroque Church of the Annunziata annexed to the complex, founded by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon in 1787 and today an institute for basic education and training. Not only in Naples and its metropolitan area but open goods throughout Campania where you can access theAir Force Academy of Pozzuoli, al Memorial to the Fallen of the Military Air Force of Caserta and to Royal Hunting Lodge of the Bourbons in Serre Persanor. Among the novelties also the openings in Capri where you can visit The Villa the Studio of Cerio, one of the most important historic houses on the island, in Sorrento with the opening to the public of Great Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, which since the seventeenth century has been a privileged destination of the ‘Grand Tour’, and of Museobottega of the TarsialigneaMove, custodian of the memory of local artistic craftsmanship. Among the novelties also the visits to the Medici Castle of Octavian, well confiscated from the Camorra and handed over to the municipal administration in 1995 and today the seat of the Vesuvius National Park Authority.

“There are many openings in Campania – he said Michele Pontecorvo Ricciardi, president of Fai Campania – and we also have this important collaboration with the Defense Staff Corps which is associated, as usual, with the opening of many villages, natural areas, historic buildings, religious complexes, archaeological areas, small museums, historic and splendid gardens private residences. It is an extraordinary opportunity to participate and to rediscover our territory “. All visits are with compulsory reservation and it is necessary to show the Green Pass. The days are organized by the FAI Youth Groups and around 5 thousand volunteers and delegates will be involved throughout Italy.

Visits also in the others provinces of Campania. In Salerno among the proposals there is the path between history and art in the cultural hall of Palazzo Pedace, in Positano the Roman Villa, buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 BC and brought to light; in the province of Avellino it will be possible to admire the Abbey of San Guglielmo al Goleto, the Imperial Castle of Sant’Angelo; in the province of Benevento you can walk in theancient medieval village of Molinara, recently renovated, admiring the courtyards and garden of a private residence and the church of Santa Maria dei Greci. The Fai Days are held under the patronage of the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture, the Campania Region which supports the openings with funding. “It is important to resume that role of environmental protection body and guide of the wonderful places of the Italian territory – concluded Pontecorvo – that the Fai has always had as a mission and vocation and that in the Campania region must be a little refreshed and dusted off”.

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