Soldier Fierce-T, la supercar of god pickup: first contact

Soldier Fierce-T, la supercar of god pickup: first contact
Soldier Fierce-T, la supercar of god pickup: first contact

It was born on a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon base, but tells the craftsmanship of the interior combined with a gritty look and true off-road skills: in the price list starting from 97,490 euros excluding VAT

Savina Confaloni


October 16
– Milano

It is the maximum evolution of the pickup, the new Militem Ferox-T presented by Militem, an Italian atelier specialized in the development of American off-road vehicles.With this extra-large pick-up, derived from the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, the brand founded by Hermes Cavarzan reinvents the current concept of Suv, transforming it into Sut, or Sport Utility Truck. The model has a series of technical evolutions and upgrades that improve comfort and design, and above all enhance its off-road performance. All with a price list starting from 97,490 euros excluding VAT, with the possibility of further customizations.

The pickup supercar

It is difficult to pass the concept of luxury pickups to our latitudes. Because traditionally we are led to associate it with a work vehicle. But that’s before we find ourselves in front of the new Militem Ferox-T. The body in refined and ultra-resistant nautical material would be enough to make us change our mind about the positioning, taking this model in an instant into a high-end and niche premium world. The Militem Ferox-T reflects all the contents that distinguish the entire Militem range, extending the proposal relating to the Ferox product line, and adding to the price list another pickup with different characteristics compared to the Militem Magnum. Hermes Cavarzan, CEO and founder of the Militem brand, presents it as a vehicle suitable for both everyday use and the more adventurous off-road, able to combine all the advantages of SUVs and pick-ups in a single vehicle, enhancing the respective characteristics. Made on a Gladiator Rubicon basis, Militem Ferox-T actually stands out for its all-terrain capability, its high functionality, maximum safety and versatility.

Design and Engine

The new Militem Ferox-T has a gritty design, which in no way renounces practicality and sturdiness, or even performance, on the contrary it enhances them with a series of technical upgrades. This is why in terms of performance and contents, the model stands as a “supercar” for pickups. All interventions are aimed at a radical transformation of the vehicle, re-engineered by the Militem staff. The lines of the body are decisive, with interiors in precious materials and hand-finished in every detail. Militem engineers and designers have developed it both in terms of performance and style. Maintaining the characteristics that characterize the “family feeling” of the range, such as the front grille in the same color (also available in visible carbon) with a black honeycomb grille and brand emblem, the wide wheel arches with a “wide body” effect in carbon or painted, the large wraparound bumpers always in the same color, the 20 ”Militem rims. With Ferox-T, Militem also introduces FeroxBar as standard, a specific roll-bar to further distort the design of the original vehicle and allow to house the retractable Led spotlights.

Engine and suspension

Ferox-T is built on a Gladiator Rubicon base with a 3.6 V6 petrol engine of 285 Hp and 353 Nm of torque, and has 4WD all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission, which on this model is controlled by the comfortable paddle shift on the steering wheel. . Thanks to the 4WD Rock-Trac system as standard, it is possible to choose different driving and traction modes of the four-wheel drive. The car also features a new Militem suspension system, developed ad hoc for the new model, which can be adjusted at will to tackle any type of route, depending on the greater ground clearance resulting from the 2 ”Militem Lift-Kit. The double tank shock absorbers are made of aluminum and coated in carbon. For vehicle dynamics and efficient road holding on any terrain, Militem uses the latest technologies and is fitted with 35×12.50 R20 Cooper All-Terrain tires, as well as adjustable track bars, torsion bars and an effective steering damper.

The yacht body

A distinctive element that Militem introduces for the first time as an option on Ferox-T is the cover of the body in customizable hi-tech nautical material. A direct reference to the world of boating and yachts, given that with its towing capacity of 3,500 kg and the hook fitted as standard, Militem Ferox-T lends itself perfectly to the role of tender and towing powerful outboards. The double Black Performance exhaust is also developed internally by the Brianza brand, and has the Dual-Mode function capable of further emphasizing the dual soul of this Sut, modulating the sound through the appropriate button in the center console. There is no shortage of standard retractable electric footrests, the new front and rear Neutral smoked lights, the anti-puddle side lights; to complete the aesthetic look, Militem Ferox-T can also be equipped with the LED bar integrated in the front bumper.

Handcrafted interiors

Inside the cabin, each Militem is traditionally finished by hand, in a triumph of comfort and luxury. The seats are in hand-stretched Italian leather, with the possibility of choosing Alcantara inserts, and each customer can customize the vehicle set-up, thanks to a wide choice of types of materials, technical fibers and fabrics, including the new Denim. The details of the upholstery in absolute black, and the center console with the button that activates the multicolor interior ambient lights, add a further premium and sporty touch to the whole interior.

Captain Fierce T-Adventure

Militem Ferox-T is also available in the version with Adventure pack, which emphasizes the multiple off-road opportunities of this extraordinary pick-up. The mudguards and bumpers are coated with a special scratch-resistant protective paint, while the snorkel is mounted on the passenger side of the front bonnet which allows the engine to “breathe” even better in a ford. The equipment is completed by the dedicated luggage rack with anti-scratch finishes, complete with LED spotlights for greater safety in off-road driving at night. Militem Ferox-T starts at € 97,490 + VAT.

October 16 – 12:56


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