Green pass, the free tampon arrives at the pharmacy. That’s for whom

With the introduction of the green pass mandatory for all workers, the demand for tampons has increased exponentially. Queues of people have been registered in Italian pharmacies waiting to undergo the test to obtain the coveted green certificate. «But no particularly critical situationHe says Federfarma which then launches an initiative linked precisely to tampons. The National Federation of Italian Pharmacy Owners proposes free tampons for a certain category of people. Let’s go into detail.

Free tampons, that’s for whom

Following the introduction of the green pass mandatory for i workers, Federfarma invited the associated pharmacies that guarantee the service of vaccination anti-Covid to propose to citizens who request a rapid antigenic swab to undergo vaccination. Citizens who, at the time of taking the swab, simultaneously accept to book the vaccination, will have the free test. «The message we want to send – explains Roberto Tobia, national secretary Federfarma – it is an invitation to the population to get vaccinated, because vaccination is the only real solution to be able to get out of the pandemic».

The president of Federfarma Marco Cossolo comments on the free swab initiative for those who book the vaccine: “Pharmacies confirm, once again, their role as the first local health center in the area, constantly committed to protecting the health of the community».

Green pass, the buffer situation

Tobia, national secretary of Federfarma, explained that so far no particular critical issues have been recorded on the national territory: “We have not recorded any particularly difficult situations. Yesterday morning, October 15, there were queues of people who had to swab in pharmacies, but without any problems they were disposed of. In fact, a large number of swabs were already carried out on Thursday 14 October in view of the deadline of 15 October. Of the total of those processed, 20% was performed by us».

And on the availability of the tests, Tobia reassures: “Pharmacies carry out i tampons its reservation and we have already equipped ourselves, guaranteeing a greater number of tests. There are therefore no shortages of tampons or supply problems at the moment. Furthermore, pharmacies guaranteeing the execution of the test are increasing».

Tamponi, the request of the parapharmacies

Meanwhile, in the face of the exponential increase in the demand for tampons, the parapharmacies they asked the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to be authorized to perform the tests. “Exclusive to pharmacies – they say – for the execution of the tampons not only infringes numerous competition rules, but causes certain damage to citizens regarding the price of the tampons and the availability of the places where these can be made».

Even the analysis laboratories say they are at the forefront to enhance the activity of carrying out swabs and “give an answer to the millions of Italians who have to undergo the test to obtain the green certificate to work».

Buffers, doubts about the tightness of the system

He expressed fears about the tightness of the «System tampons», the president of the Conference of the Regions Massimiliano Fedriga. The president fears that the ability to perform tampons by the private sector is insufficient. “I’m scared – explains Fedriga – that from the monitoring we have done, the ability to swab by pharmacies is insufficient. We have reported it to the government and this criticality must be resolved. If a person wants to have the green pass by means of a buffer, he must be able to do so. I know the government is monitoring and working on it».

Fedriga concluded by talking about gods tampon prices: «The price of tampons needs to be further controlled. In this moment the institutions must try to maintain a calm atmosphere and accompany the population. My proposal was not accepted but I believe that now dialogues are reopening in this sense».

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