who appears in the procession. But which “everyone’s square” … – Libero Quotidiano

who appears in the procession. But which “everyone’s square” … – Libero Quotidiano
who appears in the procession. But which “everyone’s square” … – Libero Quotidiano

Leading the procession in support of the CGIL in Rome there are also Luigi Di Maio e Giuseppe Conte. “It will be everyone’s square,” said the secretary of the red union Maurizio Landini, to present the anti-fascist demonstration one week after the assault of Forza Nuova e No Green pass at the headquarters of the workers’ association. “We are in the streets to reaffirm the strength of democracy in our country, the desire to change and the strength of the Constitution. Electoral silence? I believe that the fascists who attacked the CGIL did not question whether they were in the electoral campaign or not. This is a demonstration for democracy in our country, therefore of all and not partisan “.

Certainly, the party most involved is the left, with the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement at the forefront to enjoy an unexpected political showcase a few hours after the ballot to choose the mayor of Rome, one of Roberto Gualtieri for the Democratic Party (officially supported also by Conte, but not by the outgoing grillina mayor Virginia Raggi) e Enrico Michetti for the center-right. In spite of the election silence, it could suggest some malicious commentator. The slogan chosen, “Never more fascisms”, unites CGIL, CISL and UIL in the procession which started from piazzale dell’Esquilino at 12.30. The organizers speak of 10 thousand people on the street, with a great mobilization of buses and special trains from all over Italy.

For Conte it is “a great democratic party without political color”. For Di Maio “a great response from the people to underline the constitutional values ​​that allow everyone to participate in public life and express their ideas, but not with violence. We must base political confrontation on these values ​​even when we do not think about it. the same way “. The soundtrack? Come on people. With to dance students (left) and pro association Ddl Zan. Yes, but in one color only.

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