Throw away your mobile phone: the RAI fee is also arriving for the smartphone

Bad news arrives from Rai.

The chief executive officer of the Rai group made a very original request to the supervisory commission. He argued that the RAI fee must be also extended to all those who own smartphones and tablets. The justification for this request lies in the fact that the company has poor financial statements and needs new financing. In addition, RAI is frightened by the exit of the license fee from the bill. In fact, when the RAI fee comes out of the bill, it will again be possible to avoid it, consequently Rai puts its hands on and asks to expand the hated fee even to smartphones and tablets. Basically, even if you don’t have a television set, you will have to pay the fee simply for owning a smartphone.

The moment is not the best

It seems to us a quite original request, especially since it was made at a time when at least in words it is claimed to want to help Italian families burdened by skyrocketing unemployment and a very insidious inflationary spiral. Recall that from next year many of the bonuses that had supported the economy will vanish. It is also important to remember that the increases in electricity and gas prices are only a first glimpse of a phenomenon of 360 ° inflation that will affect practically all sectors, weighing heavily on the pockets of Italians. At such a time, thinking of expanding the scope of application of the RAI fee seems frankly out of place. The rhetoric of sacrifices cannot be made only to families.

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It would be fairer at a time when it is still not clear how strong inflation can hit, give the citizens a little breathing room and ask Rai for some sacrifices.

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We hope that the Supervisory Commission will consider this proposal with extreme caution.

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