Live Spezia – Salernitana: 2-1 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match

Where the game is played:

Stadium: Alberto Picco
City: La Spezia
Capacity: 10336 spectators13:32

Everything is ready from the “Alberto Picco” stadium for the match between Spezia and Salernitana, valid for the eighth day of Serie A TIM.13:32

A challenge in which the teams coached by Thiago Motta and Fabrizio Castori are called upon to do their utmost to win safety points. The Spezia coach is under scrutiny after the heavy defeat in Verona.13:35

OFFICIAL FORMATIONS. 4-3-2-1 for La Spezia: Provedel; Ferrer, Nikolaou, Hristov, Gyasi; Major, Kovalenko; Antiste, Salcedo, Strelec; Nzola. Available: Zoet, Zovko, Bertola, Sher, Deloriè, Verde, Pdgoreanu, Manaj.14:35

OFFICIAL FORMATIONS. 4-3-1-2 for Salernitana: Belec; Gyomber, Strandberg, Gagliolo, Ranieri; Coulibaly M., Di Tacchio, Obi; Kastanos; Djuric, Simy. Available: Fiorillo, Russo, Delli Carri, Aya, Zortea, Jaroszynski, Kechrida, Schiavone, Vergani, Gondo.15:22

Many changes for Thiago Motta, given the unavailability of Spezia. Giulio Maggiore returns, flanked by Kovalenko. First as a starter, in this Serie A TIM, for Nzola.14:43

Beavers still has to do without Ribery, in his place Obi. The grenade coach rewards Djuric, author of the winning goal against Genoa, starting with Simy.15:20

STATISTICAL PILL – Spezia and Salernitana have never faced each other in Serie A, while in Serie B they have challenged each other 18 times: the Ligurians have won on nine occasions, against seven Campania successes (two draws to complete).14:47

Gyasi will play in the left lane in defense, an unprecedented role that of the full-back for the La Spezia player. Change also in goal with a chance, as a starter, for Provedel in place of Zoet.14:58

The first half of Spezia-Salernitana begins. The referee Davide Massa of the AIA section of Imperia directs the challenge.15:04


The hosts of La Spezia try to spin the ball, waiting to look forward, from the parts of Belec. 15:07


It is the Salernitana that faces the La Spezia area. Great work by Obi, then a throw from Gagliolo ends up in Provedel’s hands.15:08


Here is the Spezia that slips into the grenade area with the insertion of Gyasi, on the ball returned by the defense fails to break through Salcedo.15:10


Gyomber on the right side tries an interesting cross in the middle towards Djuric, but the ball is too long and ends up at the bottom.15:12


La Spezia tries to make himself dangerous with Nzola running away on the left, but his cross in the center is blocked by the defense, taking away the opportunity for Antiste to get on the ball.15:15


OPPORTUNITY SPICE. Again the team of Thiago Motta who, with the left chain, goes to the attack. Antiste dribbles a defender, then serves Salcedo who goes to the shot, just above Belec’s goal.15:18


Spice Corner. Salcedo goes from the corner and tries a low cross on the near post, where Antiste arrives at the conclusion, promptly rejected by the defense.15:19


La Spezia creates play and tries to build the action to score goals, while Salernitana uses high balls to look for the physicality of their strikers.15:24


Gyomber exits, Kechrida enters. First substitution for Salernitana.15:24


The winger of Salernitana has accused a muscle discomfort, so he leaves the field to Kechrida.15:25


Gagliolo on the ground, after a game clash with Strelec. Medical support for him, he will be back shortly, no problem for the grenade defender.15:28


Tight phrasing forward for La Spezia: Salcedo receives from Nzola, lets the right start, but his conclusion ends up too high.15:30


SPICE OPPORTUNITY! Once again Thiago Motta’s team flies to the right with Nzola putting in the center for Salcedo, the striker from close range hits the crossbar.15:49


SALERNITAN OPPORTUNITY! Maggiore loses the ball, Simy retrieves it, who tries the shot, rejected by the defense, then arrives at Kechrida who shoots: his conclusion, however, ends just outside Provedel’s door.15:36


STATISTICAL PILL – The starting line-up played by Spezia today is the one with the lowest average age in a Serie A 2021/22 match (23 years and 201 days).15:38


Combination Strelec-Antiste in the Salernitana area, careful the defense to push out.15:42


SALERNITAN OPPORTUNITY! Cross in the center for Simy who, in the penalty area, makes a great shot, saved in diving by Provedel.15:43


GOAL! Spezia-SALERNITANA 0-1! Nwankwo Simy scores. A nice cross from the left for the grenades, but even more beautiful is the assist from Obi on the fly for Simy who gets rid of the marking and scores his first goal with Salernitana.15:47


The Spezia has suffered the blow, try to attack, but still can not rage on the opponents. Now the Beavers men, waiting for the break, manage the race.15:47


Three minutes of injury time granted by the referee Massa.15:49


La Spezia tries the restart, in the last minute, with Antiste, but the French is fouled.15:52


The first half of SPEZIA-SALERNITANA 0-1 ends. Castori’s team in the lead with Simy’s goal.15:52

A first half that has given several opportunities on both sides. The most dangerous team seemed to be Thiago Motta’s Spezia, in fact with Salcedo the bianconeri hit a crossbar, but Salernitana’s reaction was not long in coming with Simy’s first grenade goal.15:53

Spezia created games and chances, so they did what their coach asked him to do. There was a lack of coldness in attack, especially in Salcedo who had a couple of dangerous opportunities. There is still 45 minutes to recover.15:55

Play in the restart and Castori’s Salernitana hurts a lot. Obi is not making Ribery regret with good plays, especially the beautiful fly assist for Simy’s goal. Another injury for the grenade, as Gyomber left the field prematurely.15:56


The second half of SPEZIA-SALERNITANA 0-1 begins. First ball touched by the hosts.16:10


La Spezia immediately tries to become dangerous, from the right with a long cross, but Nzola fails to reach the ball.16:12


Game a bit ‘blocked in this early recovery, but it is always the Spezia to look out from the parts of Belec.16:16


GOAL! SPEZIA-Salernitana 1-1! David Strelec Network. Beautiful restart of Thiago Motta’s men: Kovalenko finds between the lines Salcedo who sprints forward, passes the halfway and serves on the left the same Ukrainian winger who serves the cross and the assist in the center for Strelec’s lethal left.

Look at the player’s profile David Strelec16:18


First appearance as a starter and first goal in Serie A TIM for David Strelec. The Slovakian forward has repaid the trust given to him by Thiago Motta.16:19


WARNINGS Obi! Late entry of the grenade on Giulio Maggiore.16:18


SPICE OPPORTUNITY! Cross from the right, on the far post, Antiste arrives looking for the bank on the opposite post for Strelec who, however, arrives late.16:20


SPICE OPPORTUNITY! Thiago Motta’s team insists: Strelec-Nzola combination, the latter shoots on goal with a deflection of Belec on the feet of the other Juventus striker who tries again with the great response, this time, from Belec.16:24


WARNED Mamadou Coulibaly! Foul by the midfielder of Salernitana.16:27


WARNINGS Gyasi! Spoiled foul of the player of La Spezia.16:29


Now Salernitana tries with a shot from outside the area of ​​Kastanos. His conclusion is slow and is saved by Provedel.16:30


Salcedo dances on the ball trying to dribble the defenders, is rejected and outside the area comes Kovalenko who shoots too high.16:32


Kastanos exits, Schiavone enters. Second replacement for Salernitana.16:32


Djuric exits, Gondo enters. Third replacement for Salernitana.16:32


Strelec exits, Manaj enters. First substitution for the Spezia.16:33


Nzola comes out, Green enters. Second substitution for the Spezia.16:33


Manaj enters and immediately tries to agree with his coach: he widens to the left and tries a shot on goal, deflected in a corner kick.16:34


SPICE OPPORTUNITY! Patient possession of the Bianconeri, Major-Manaj exchange with the captain of Spezia who tries the conclusion: excellent response and save by Belec.16:36


Salernitana’s response is on Obi’s feet who tries the shot, but Provedel returns for a corner.16:38


Salcedo exits, Podgoreanu enters. Third substitution for the Spezia.16:41


GOAL! SPEZIA-Salerno 2-1. Viktor Kovalenko network. Bianconeri in the chair thanks to a refusal of the defense of Salernitana. Podgoreanu is very good at recovering the ball, converging in the center, and serving with a left foot Kovalenko who frees himself for the shot and with a strong and powerful right-footed bags behind Belec, from outside the area.

See the player’s profile Viktor Kovalenko16:44


WARNED Ranieri! The Salernitana defender returns the ball late and is punished by Massa.16:44


Salernitana is crushed in their own half, without the possibility of going out and trying a counterattack.16:48


Ranieri exits, Zortea enters. Fourth substitution for Salernitana.16:49


Mamadou Coulibaly exits, Vergani enters. Fifth and final replacement for Salernitana.16:49


Castori tries everything to recover the result by inserting Vergani, former Inter Primavera, in attack together with Simy and Gondo. Debut in Salerno for the 2001 class.16:50


Thiago Motta’s team is still dangerous with Podgoreanu on the right, serves Manaj who earns a corner.16:52

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