in Rome the demonstration of Italy that “defends democracy”

A procession from Piazza dell’Esquilino to Piazza San Giovanni where the bulk of the event is expected. No more fascisms the slogan chosen by the CGIL, CISL and UIL for the event one week after the fascist assault on the CGIL and the no green pass guerrilla in the center of Rome. And judging by the participation we can already speak of great success.

Over 800 buses brought thousands of demonstrators to Rome and at 1pm, when the procession had yet to leave from the Esquiline, Piazza San Giovanni was already full. Tens of thousands of people already present for a square that recalls those of 20 years ago, during the Cofferati era. Tricolor balloons, flags, banners the response to the assault on the Corso Italia headquarters last Saturday by movements linked to the far right.

The procession and the arrival in the square

Two banners open the procession that started from the Esquiline. “The CGIL resists”, says the first. Not far away the second: “We with the fascists finished talking on April 25”. The parade at 14.20 arrived in the square. Arriving in Piazza Landini he received a star welcome. The crowd greeted the arrival of the secretary by chanting his name and singing the inevitable ‘Bella ciao’. Landini did not shy away from hugs, greetings and handshakes.

The slogans

Many slogans, thousands of flags flying in the mild afternoon of the capital. Carla Pucci, retired, is the first to speak, to remember “years of struggles and conquests” which today support the request for “commitments for public health, resources and an end to precarious work”, she says amid applause. There is also room for the isolated demonstration of dissent by a right-wing militant. Parade in the opposite direction to the procession and wave the flag.

Landini at the start of the parade

Today’s “is a demonstration that defends the democracy of all. This is the theme”, affirms the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, walking at the head of the court towards Piazza San Giovanni. “The attack on the CGIL the attack on the trade union is actually an attack on the dignity of work of the whole country. And we are here not to defend someone but to defend democracy and to extend democracy in our country and in Europe” , Landini emphasizes. “We need to plan a future that applies the fundamental principles of our constitution”.

“The squadron assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL – the union leaders explained – is an attack on the entire Italian confederal trade union, on the world of work and on our democracy. We ask that the neo-fascist and neo-Nazi organizations be put in a position to do no harm,” dissolving them by law “. For Landini, Sbarra (Cisl) and Bombardieri (Uil) it is therefore “the time to affirm and implement the principles and values ​​of our Constitution. We therefore invite all citizens and the healthy and democratic forces of the country to mobilize and take to the streets next Saturday”.

For the assault, among others, Forza Nuova leaders Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino were arrested. The first to ask for the dissolution of the far-right movement after the attack was the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta: “It’s time to dissolve Forza Nuova”, he said on the day of the clashes, expressing “solidarity with the CGIL and the forces of the order for today’s squad attacks. What is happening is unacceptable. May the whole country respond together to these intolerable degenerations “.


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