Rome transfer market, a pharaonic offer for Mourinho

Rome transfer market, a pharaonic offer for Mourinho
Rome transfer market, a pharaonic offer for Mourinho

Rome transfer market, serious danger comes from England: Newcastle would be ready for the pharaonic offer for José Mourinho

The pharaonic offer would be ready. The must-have offer. A lot of money for the Special One. Infinite also as far as the market is concerned. Newcastle are serious.

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Il Messaggero on newsstands this morning throws the sensational bomb of a possible interest of bin Salman, the prince who manages the Saudi fund that took Newcastle, towards the Roma coach who has a three-year contract with the Friedkin. In England there is no talk of anything else. With all the advantages that the arrival of the Special could bring to a team that must rebuild. And that with him on the bench could have a resounding image return. Because Mou is known everywhere, because he knows how and when to do things. How and when to speak. How and when to gesticulate. An all-round manager. That Roma is fine.

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Calciomercato Roma, Newcastle loose cannon

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“So, from tomorrow or the day after, money and a guarantee of champions for those who coach Newcastle, what more could you want?” writes the Roman daily, which underlines how Mourinho could thus have a team in his own image and likeness without thinking too much about the investments to make. The fund would be almost infinite (we would almost remove it) to go and get those players most congenial to his method. And what more could you ask for really?

Mou now obviously thinks about tomorrow’s match. And there are no doubts about this. He is linked to Rome by a three-year contract and has fully embraced the Friedkin project. But the newspaper explains that he is loved in the Premier League and also a lot, and that he, in England, is fine with it.


Rome transfer market pharaonic offer Mourinho

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