Mou: “Abraham is better, I’ll decide tomorrow. Scudetto? Juve are still in the running” | News

Mou: “Abraham is better, I’ll decide tomorrow. Scudetto? Juve are still in the running” | News
Mou: “Abraham is better, I’ll decide tomorrow. Scudetto? Juve are still in the running” | News

The Giallorossi coach has decided to summon the striker for the great match in Turin

On the eve of the match with Juventus Mourinho, at the press conference, he reassured the fans of the Roma on the conditions of Abraham. The Giallorossi coach then spoke about the pitfalls of such a delicate match as that ofAllianz Stadium and about the differences between his team and that of Merry, which he continues to consider as one of the most serious contenders for the title despite the complicated start of the championship.


What are Abraham’s conditions like?
“Let’s see, today’s training cannot say much but it will travel with us. If it goes on the field, on the bench or in the stands, we will see tomorrow. In any case it is improving.”
Is Juventus still in the running for the championship?
“You have to ask Allegri. In my opinion, yes. They are a very strong team, they always play to win games and the championship. They are not a team of eleven good players, they have more than twenty good players and a lot of experience. The coach also has a lot of experience. a lot of experience. Juve are a strong candidate. “
Why hasn’t Villar been called up?
“It is strange that you ask me about him when we are 23 players plus goalkeepers. Playing little does not mean that he is not called up. He is called up, but he will not be a starter and will go to the bench. He works well and is trying to adapt to my way to play. Last year it was easier to play with five behind and his work in midfield was completely different. I’m happy with him, the opportunities to play will come, maybe tomorrow from the bench. “
Who are the “resultatists”?
“They are the ones who won, then this name seems a negative thing. This is a wrong concept, Allegri and I have won something and this must be seen in a positive way. I have led several clubs, I will be happy to greet Allegri before and after. The game. There is respect and esteem, we met often in UEFA meetings in Nyon, we had lunch and dinner together. It’s not that we are great friends, but I like him as a person and we have a good relationship, it will be a pleasure to be together. with him. I am obviously happy that he is back to work, he has been out for too long “.
What do you think of the arbitration appointment and how do you think it will be accepted
“Orsato is a highly experienced referee, I have no problem with him. As for the reception, last time I had a bit of a critical reaction, people forgot the ninety minutes of the game. People stayed. with the emotional reaction of ten seconds forgetting ninety minutes of the game. Today we talk about respect, but in those ninety minutes we have forgotten all this. It is not a drama “.
How are Shomurodov and Mayoral?
“They are fine. If they have to play, they will. There are positions in the squad where if someone is missing we go into difficulty, things that the big teams do not have. In our case, if Tammy does not play, two players in perfect playing conditions play”.
What can you tell us about the voices that want you at Newcastle?
“I have a great emotional connection with the people of Newcastle but now I am happy to be here with the Roma and Friedkin project.
What does it mean to play against Juve and what are the differences between you and them?
“Playing against a team like Juventus is always a challenge that I like. We started the championship a few weeks ago, but we are fighting to win the Conference League, they are fighting for the Champions League. I arrived three months ago, Allegri has more experience in bianconero. But we must forget these things, and try to win the game. When the game starts until the last second all this must be forgotten, above all we must forget it and we must have the personality and the courage to play our game and try to win it “.
How do you think the game can go?
“The only thing I can compare with the past is the pragmatism of the result. Last year there were results, this year another. I’m trying to grow the team, we have a game plan and it’s difficult to work with. all because today we have practically done nothing, we have worked a lot individually. We have a game plan, we know who we play against and we already know that Allegri knows how we will play, the only doubt is whether we will put Abraham or not. We, on the other hand, cannot understand who will play for Juventus because there are so many even if they don’t have Dybala and Rabiot, they have many options and preparing for the match is more complicated, it will be a match that will serve us for the future. We are growing and for me a certain identity is important, not I want to play differently than what we know how to do. We will go there to play, if we don’t win I would like it to be Juventus’ fault and not ours. artita we will forget everything. They will have certain dynamics and we too, I don’t want to lose our game identity, I don’t want to give or offer Juventus what they want to have, I want to give them things they don’t like. This is the dialectic of the game, I have to adapt the team sometimes and for me it is more difficult than Allegri “.

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