SBK, Razgatlioglu: “I don’t like seeing Rea fall, it’s better to fight on the track”

SBK, Razgatlioglu: “I don’t like seeing Rea fall, it’s better to fight on the track”
SBK, Razgatlioglu: “I don’t like seeing Rea fall, it’s better to fight on the track”

Judging from how he tackled today’s free practice, we can be sure that Toprak Razgatlioglu has no intention of running to accountant in Argentina. The Turkish is ahead in the world championship against Rea, but today the Kawasaki champion showed that he is under pressure by making several mistakes in the two free practice sessions. Toprak smelled the blood and will certainly continue scratching for the rest of the weekend exactly as he did today.

The Yamaha rider, in addition to being the best on the flying lap, also showed his muscles in view of the races by putting the best pace of all on the plate. In short, the way towards a weekend as an absolute protagonist seems to have been paved, with a great desire to celebrate the conquest of the title on the rhythm of Argentine tango.

“It was a really good day for me – he has declared – I felt very strong on the track and in the afternoon I also tried a different set-up, to try to better fit the R1 on this track. Everything worked perfectly and now I feel very optimistic and positive for tomorrow. “

Today Rea has suffered a lot, and has also made a bad mistake.
“Rea is very fast on this track, but today I got a little scared when I saw him crash, because that is a really fast corner. I calmed down when I saw him standing and he said everything was ok. I don’t like it when something like this happens to my rival, that’s not my method. We are fighting and in the race there can be aggressive overtaking, in which one of the two loses and perhaps falls. But it better happen this way, with a good duel in the race. Tomorrow Redding will also be among the best. ”

Your fight is now at its peak, but you have the advantage. Will you run less aggressively?
“I’m not changing my strategy because I’m fighting for the championship. This morning there was a lot of dust on the track and I went right in because I didn’t want to waste time and be ready immediately. If I can, I want to win. I’m not scared for this race and we worked a lot today. Tomorrow I will try to fight for the victory, but we will only see tomorrow how we really are. The race is always something else “.

Villicum is good for you. Here you got on the podium in 2018 and also in 2019.
“I really like this track. With the Kawasaki here I have collected four podiums in total, one in 2018 and another three in 2019. This year I need to win here, it is not enough for me to finish third three times. tomorrow, which will be a fundamental day with Race 1. I will have to be concentrated “.


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