“Ten thousand more than a week ago”

“Ten thousand more than a week ago”
“Ten thousand more than a week ago”

The effects of the Green pass mandatory in the workplace is reflected in the data on vaccine bookings. Yesterday were indeed 69,000 the first doses, over ten thousand more than the previous Friday. The total number of people who received at least one dose of the vaccine exceeded 46 million, a figure equal to 85.41% of the vaccinable audience, made up of over 12. The complete vaccinated (with two doses) are 43.74 million. , equal to approximately 81% of the audience. The total number of administrations – according to this morning’s update – exceeded 87.3 million.

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Green pass and work, the strange peak of sick people. And the Order calls the doctors: do not make certificates on the phone

Figliuolo: “The vaccination campaign is a success”

“The current vaccination campaign is an example of success, due to the joint effort that the Central State, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, public and private bodies, and voluntary associations have produced together to protect the population from a treacherous virus such as Covid-19 “. General Francesco said so Son, in his greeting at the conference “The law of the heart” on the occasion of the World Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Day. «The culture of public health is an important area for the community and we must thank those who work to promote initiatives that aim to improve and protect the health of citizens, such as that on the dissemination of the culture of defibrillators. Italy has a thousand resources, human, technical and professional, which, when they come together and team up, lead to success “, added the Covid emergency commissioner, recalling that” today we have exceeded 87.3 million administrations and we have 85.41% of citizens who have received at least one dose of the vaccine. These are important data that make us look with even more optimism at the future of the country, at the recovery and at a horizon in which the health of citizens is at the center of attention ».

Tampon shortage: 2 million home workers

Meanwhile, for those who have resigned themselves and booked their first dose, there are those who are still without the vaccine. And for this next Monday about 2 million workers will remain at home because they are unable to make the swab to get the Green pass. Unfortunately, the CGIA notes, pharmacies and public / private structures dedicated to this service are not able to carry out a sufficient number of tests daily to cover the demand. According to government estimates they would be 3 million workers without the green certificate, 13% of the employed in Italy. People who to access the workplace by the end of the year will have to swab every 2 days to get the Green pass.

Green pass in the public service, at INPS you go back to the office: “No No vax with us”

Currently the offer is much lower: yesterday, for example, 506 thousand tampons were made. Assuming an increase in productivity on the part of pharmacies and structures dedicated to carrying out these tests, the day after tomorrow the total number could rise to 700 thousand which, added to the more than 300 thousand people who for health reasons are not obliged to possess the certification, would remain without pass in 2 millions. “If the Government has decided by decree to allow entry into offices and factories only to those who have the Green pass – and the latter can be obtained through the vaccine or the swab – the State must guarantee the possibility of swabing also to those who do not want to administer the serum », says the Cgia. “Otherwise, it undermines the right to work for millions of people, breaking a fundamental principle of a rule of law: legality, which must always be respected by both public and private subjects. To solve this situation, the Government has two possibilities: establish that the green pass is obtained only through the inoculation of the vaccine, thus eliminating the problem of the impossibility of swabs at all, or mobilize, for example, the Army, the Civil Protection so that mobile units capable of carrying out the tests are spread everywhere, thus guaranteeing everyone the right to obtain, even if temporarily, the green certificate ».

The region more No vax it is Sicily (24.3%) with 625,565 unvaccinated. Then Calabria (23.4%, 226.745), the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (22.7%, 63.570), the Aosta Valley (21%, 13.017) and the Marche (20.4%, 156.724). The most virtuous regions, on the other hand, are: Lombardy (14.3% unvaccinated), Lazio (14.2%) and Tuscany (13.8%). Among the 4 macro areas of the country is the South with the highest number of unvaccinated (2,143,769, 20% of the total population between 20 and 59 years). Finally, in Italy, there are 5,432,118 “no vaxes” of working age, equal to 17.4% of the 20-59 year-old cohort.

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