“The madness after forty years is being here.” Future Past is released, the new album of the 80s icons

“The madness after forty years is being here.” Future Past is released, the new album of the 80s icons
“The madness after forty years is being here.” Future Past is released, the new album of the 80s icons

“When we started, the projects didn’t go beyond those of the following week. Thinking then of doing concerts and albums after 40 years that could still interest people, was madness ». More realistic than the king, Duran Duran, who in 1981 made their discographical debut with the album of the same name, quickly becoming an iconic band for the generations of those years, release Future Past.

Fifteenth studio album to be released on October 22 for Tape Modern, their label (and distributed by BMG), six years after “Paper Gods”. “At the time we grew up, bands didn’t last long apart from exceptions like the Rolling Stones. It seems incredible that we are still doing this “, they tell from a distance, connected via Zoom who from England who from the United States, Simon le bon (63 years old) and his, Nick Rhodes (59 years old), John Taylor (61 years old) e Roger Taylor (72 years old).

«Future Past is the most self-referential album. It is very personal. He reflects on some things of the past looking to the future: what we have always tried to do with music. There is a balance between light and dark that clearly reflects who we are and our lives. We are super happy that he is coming out, we have all been through a difficult period and I think what can be done is to inject new energy, enthusiasm, to lift the spirit. What we populate in Future Past ».

On the record there are “important collaborations” such as the one with Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and former David Bowie pianist Mike Garson “. And among all, “the presence of Moroder: a dream from the beginning of our career to work with the man who changed dance music forever”. A success, that of Duran Duran, which goes from more than 100 million records sold and hits such as “Wild Boys”, “Save A Prayer”, “The Reflex”, “A View To A Kill”, “Is There Something I Should Know? “,” Ordinary World “, which are found in the new song,” Anniversary “.

Present and future, as the title Future Past states, «are actually two words that refer to the fact that in every moment you live you are creating a moment that in the future will be part of the past and is another way of looking at the present. – says Simon Le Bon – On the other hand we have certainly looked to the future because we believe in the future of music and humanity ». Think of the video clips (eleven were directed by director Russell Mulcahy), the technology that has always accompanied the British band. “Songs and live music have become such an important part of society after they have been taken away from us for so long. We wanted to be a part of this and give it our best. We wanted to be there now ».

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