“It was a staging”, shocking implications – Libero Quotidiano

“It was a staging”, shocking implications – Libero Quotidiano
“It was a staging”, shocking implications – Libero Quotidiano

The yellow from Macerata. In fact, everything needs to be clarified kidnapping of the British tourist Patrick Sam Kourosh Demilecamps, aged 25, freed with a carabinieri blitz in Monte San Giusto. One of the four arrested for the kidnapping, Rubens Belioga Gnaga, aged 18, questioned by the investigating judge Giovanni Manzoni said that it was a staging agreed with the victim: “It was not a real kidnapping but a fiction to get the Englishman’s family to mail him 7 thousand euros to solder a debt“.

The investigating judge validated the arrests and ordered the house arrest with an electronic bracelet for Gnaga, Donate Conte, of 22 years old and Ahmed Rajraji |, of 21. Domiciliary, but without an electronic bracelet, even for the 20-year-old Aurora Carpani. “We just lent him some money that he didn’t want to give us back – the accused Gnaga, Dona Conte and Ahmed Rajraji repeated in chorus -. And they told him to ask his parents. He said he was rich”.

The kidnapped boy was found two days ago by the military in an apartment in a building, just outside the walls of the historic center of Macerata: a quiet building inhabited mainly by families. The carabinieri found him segregated in a dark room with furniture in front of the windows to obscure the view from the outside.

As reported the Corriere della Sera, Aurora, the girl of one of the three, also arrested, claims that she was not aware of the kidnapping: at the time of the Ros blitz, in fact, the girl was sleeping on the sofa because she had a bad tooth. “I was in that house because my boyfriend was there – he says -. I didn’t know there was even English”.

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staging shocking implications Libero Quotidiano

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