Rome, the anti-fascist square of CGIL, CISL and UIL: 50,000 expected. Landini: “Demonstration to defend democracy, it is not partisan”

He started from Piazza dell’Esquilino, in Rome, on procession of the unitary manifestation called by CGIL, Cisl e Uil (“No more fascisms: for work, participation, democracy”) after the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL last Saturday. In Piazza San Giovanni they are expected by the organizers at least 50 thousand people from all over Italy with 800 pullman, ten special trains and a few flights from the islands. Maurizio Landini reached the head of the procession behind the opening banner with the words “The CGIL resists. # maipiùfascismi “, welcomed by the choir”we are all antifascists“. “It is a manifestation that defends democracy in our country, therefore of all and not partisan, ”he said. “The attack on the union is actually an attack on the dignity of work for the whole country. And we are in the streets to reaffirm the strength of democracy in our country, the desire to change and the strength of the Constitution ”. The anti-Mafia priest also paraded next to Landini don Luigi Ciotti, founder of Libera: “Dissent is the salt of democracy and violence is its denial. The violence of fascisms, racisms and sovereignties arises from the poison of a disintegrated society and from a pale democracy where too many rights are words spoken or written on paper but do not translate into concrete “, he declared.

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One hour before the start of the event – scheduled for 2 pm – many people had already arrived in Piazza San Giovanni. The atmosphere is serene: many flags of the three trade unions and i balloons blue, red and green. Some Uiltucs demonstrators are wearing a bib that says “vaccinated since April 25, 1945”. The fear, however, is that the peaceful demonstration is being attacked by no green pass, neo-fascists or extremists who can repeat the clashes that took place last Saturday: for this reason the Ministry of the Interior has deployed 2 thousand men to guard the square, lock up the institutional offices and other sensitive places, as well as monitor the polling stations that will open in Rome for ballots on Sunday at 7. “I thank Minister Lamorgese for the work she has done and I also thank the police,” the CGIL secretary said from the march. Party symbols and speeches by politicians are prohibited by the organizers, in order to respect the election silence: on the stage the interventions of a UIL pensioner, the general secretary of the CISL will alternate Luigi Sbarra, of a health worker delegated by the CGIL, of the general secretary of Uil Pierpaolo Bombardieri, a trade worker delegated by CISL and the general secretary of Ces Luca Visentini. Landini will conclude.

Maximum alert, however, in Milan, where for the thirteenth time the No Green pass will return to protest and this time without authorization. In fact, the negotiation between the Police Headquarters and the protest leaders after the latter had asked, in exchange for the change in the route of the march, to cancel the Daspo issued by the Police Headquarters against the leaders of the movement. The idea of ​​the no green pass is to parade in via Fatebenefratelli, under the police headquarters and editorial staff of the Corriere della Sera, to then gather in Piazza Fontana. The organizers’ request to those who intend to participate is to pay attention “to provocateurs that we imagine will be even more numerous than previous times: obviously the goal for someone is not to have peaceful demonstrations but exactly the opposite ”. The surveillance of particularly significant buildings such as the Palazzo di Giudtizia refettura, but also the headquarters of political parties and trade unions, media newsrooms, and other possible scientific objectives has been strengthened to avoid, even here, that the scenes seen in Rome can be repeated. .

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