University students no Green pass? The minority

Yesterday, on the sidelines of the “no Green pass” procession which also involved hundreds of people from Udine, a meeting took place between the Prefect of Udine and a delegation of demonstrators, which was also attended by Asia Martina (this is how she introduced herself), a student of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery who made the request to abolish the certification to participate in university lessons.

Medical student against the Green pass: “a climate of hatred against me in the University”

The professor responds in a decisive tone to his statements, which described “a climate of hatred” towards students “no Green pass”. Bruno Grassi, full professor of Physiology and coordinator of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery:
«Without the Green pass, students cannot access the university classrooms. Without the Green Pass, medical students cannot access the hospital departments, and therefore cannot support internships. I consider these rules sacrosanct. As a doctor, lecturer and scientist I believe that “medical student” and “no-vax” is an oxymoron, that is, two terms in contradiction and incompatible with each other».

The position of the other students

To reply to the words of the student, too Mattia Cuzzocrea, graduating student and representative of Medicine and Surgery and in the Student Council (formerly representative on the Board of Directors of the University). “The “no Green pass” students are the minority, in particular in Medicine we are talking about twenty students out of more than 800», He explains condemning the violence reported by Asia Martina. “We condemn any kind of violence, there must not be a stigma towards those who choose not to get vaccinated but at the same time there must be a claim to respect the rules “, underlines Cuzzocrea. “Medicine and Surgery students strongly believe in the importance of vaccination. This is demonstrated by the rapid e almost total adhesion to the vaccination campaign since January 2021 together with the first sanitary ware. Furthermore, the service that some students gave as volunteers during the most critical phases of the vaccination campaign also demonstrates this“. For Cuzzocrea it is only a matter of time, so that even students and future doctors who have not been vaccinated join the vaccination campaign. “The students of the first years, present at the event, will understand by studying immunology, infectious diseases and hygiene the value of vaccination as public health tool. Let’s not forget that by becoming doctors, by taking the Hippocratic Oath, we will promise to exercise our role in science and conscience, thus using scientific evidence as a guide for the care of people.».

The right to study

Asia Martina, among other things, stated that the right to study it is enshrined in the Constitution and that imposing the obligation of the Green pass would prevent some from materializing. “Precisely because studying is everyone’s right, provided for by our Constitution, it is necessary to ensure that it is done in a safe place, too during a pandemic, even for those who for health reasons cannot get vaccinated or are otherwise vulnerable. When it was not possible to attend in safe places we did it online, today we can do it in university environments. Someone’s choice of do not get vaccinated it cannot endanger the health of all those who have the right to study»Concludes Cuzzocrea.

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