First public appearance for the councilor for culture Tommaso Sacchi (Milan)

Tommaso Sacchi, new councilor for culture of the Municipality of Milan (for the Sala-bis junta), already has some precise ideas for his mandate. One of all, starting from the suburbs: “I come from a council like the Florentine one where we made projects that concerned the neighborhoods. We concentrated on that”, he said after the first meeting of the Milanese council (until the day before he was councilor , always to culture, in Florence).

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Continue with the Prima della Scala diffuse

And we start with the Prima della Scala, which this year will be back in attendance. “It is a moment reserved for a few”, he commented on October 15 during his first public appearance as a Milanese councilor, at the Munari Theater in Dergano, inaugurating the exhibition dedicated to Tinin Mantegazza: “Why not bring him even more to the networks, even peripheral, of the city? This year too it will be a first widespread in the area “. This is an old idea created by the then councilor for culture Stefano Boeri in 2011, of which Sacchi was a collaborator. “It is a project that I saw born and that is very close to my heart”, recalled Sacchi.

Public art and theater

And then public art: “The squares of Milan are very suitable to be considered open-air galleries”, he explained: “The theme of the suburbs and the culture of the belt will absolutely be a common thread that will accompany my activities as a councilor” . Regarding theaters, he said he felt “very close to this world” and wanted to “celebrate the return to 100% capacity”, albeit for now only in the white zone. “I got involved with many Italian councilors – because the theater was one of the subjects that most suffered this pandemic period”, said Sacchi, recalling that the forced stop has influenced the loyalty of the public and the relationship between the theater and the neighborhood.

“I will meet the protagonists of trap and rap”

Another key theme of Milanese culture: music. “We have the greatest promoters. Here is the history of Italian discography”, said the commissioner, stating that he wanted to involve the youngest and intercept all types of music including rap and trap. For this reason, at Palazzo Reale (seat of the councilorship), between November and December Sacchi will meet young protagonists of today’s Milan music. “No other city has our carnet of diversity of genres. World artists have chosen to live here”, he explained, recalling Italian independent music and trap and rap music which has a dimension very much to do with the soul of the neighborhoods. “A world with important numbers” and artists who “move masses of passionate audiences”.

“One of the possible narratives of the changing Milan is the one told by these modern poets. The great talents of the Italian trap were often born in the Milanese belt. It is an important theme, I want to work on it”.


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