Ita Airways takes off. He will have to prove that he has left Alitalia on the ground

Ita Airways takes off. He will have to prove that he has left Alitalia on the ground
Ita Airways takes off. He will have to prove that he has left Alitalia on the ground

Yesterday the new Alitalia was presented, but woe to call it that. CEO, one who knows about airplanes, Fabio Lazzerini and president, Alfredo Altavilla, one who knows about companies to be restored, have said it clearly. The new Italian flag carrier will be called Ita Airways and is a start up. The money equal to 700 million, as Altavilla said very explicitly, are those of the Italians: they must not be wasted and the goal is to close with the past. Let’s see the key and critical points of this operation.

1.A start up in the skies, has never been seen. And what’s more, the Italian one was born with 90 million provided to the commissioner management, to buy a brand that will not be painted on the new, blue, and beautiful liveries. It is easy to understand that Ita did not want the brand to fall into enemy hands, so to speak. As the president’s reasoning is clear: we helped the old management financially: “If we hadn’t done it, there would have been systemic problems.” But will the consumer understand the gradualness? Will you understand that it will take time to have the new planes, more comfortable and more beautiful? Italian travelers have become accustomed to Alitalia’s death and rebirth, as if nothing had happened (except for the state coffers): in this case they will have to be patient and understand that it is a completely new company. Just think of the loyalty program: that of Alitalia, which had five million members, killed with a stroke of the pen of the European commission.

2.Size does matter. Yet the president said that starting today with just over fifty aircraft (finally all Airbuses so as not to lose strength) could be an opportunity. The traffic has not yet reached pre-Covid levels and the business one risks taking years to return to those volumes. Not being full of appliances that you can’t fill can therefore be a strength. But when the market picks up, you need to be ready. Will the 27 additional new aircraft planned for next year be enough? Lazzerini spoke of flexibility: open routes according to demand. Also in this case we will see how the good intentions of the managers to resist the sirens of politics will be confirmed.

3.The customer at the center of attention. The new Ita plays a lot on its ability to provide a better service than competitors and low cost. Altavilla was tranchant: we do not transport battery chickens and our client is not the airports. Like any start-up it will take time to put everything in order, but on this ground there is no time: the discontinuity will have to be demonstrated immediately.


Ita Airways takes prove left Alitalia ground

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