procession without rules, afternoon of terror in Milan – Libero Quotidiano

procession without rules, afternoon of terror in Milan – Libero Quotidiano
procession without rules, afternoon of terror in Milan – Libero Quotidiano

Today, Saturday 16 October, for the 13th time the No vax take to the streets in Milan. The alert is really maximum. In fact, on Friday 15 October two promoters of the parade, in exchange for the modification of the first route of the parade deemed unacceptable by the police, the revocation of the Daspo issued by the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi in recent months against the No pass militants. One condition, reveals the Corriere della Sera, impossible to accept, also because it represents a real blackmail to the institutions. So the two promoters decided to withdraw the notice request. The police negotiation skipped and the march without rules: Milan is now afraid.

Today, Saturday 16 October, will be a day of unauthorized demonstration, “without real organizers and without recognized leadership. Which, however, remains the main problem in the management of public order, because even in the hypothesis of finding an agreement with the promoters, the fear of the prefect and commissioner is not to have in practice to deal with people capable of guaranteeing order or at least one logic in carrying out the initiative. For this reason, even today thousands of people are expected and violent drifts of the march are feared“, writes the Corriere.

The Milanese No Pass galaxy remains much more fragmented and less politicized than that of Rome, where last Saturday there was the assault on the CGIL. In the previous 12 parades, small groups linked to the galaxy of the former Forza Nuova and the anarchist world have often alternated. Tricolor flags, banners and slogans of the extreme left, choirs of clear anarchist origin. “A” chaos “that finds its strength in the mass of numbers (never less than 4 thousand, often closer to 10 thousand)”, concludes the Courier service.

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procession rules afternoon terror Milan Libero Quotidiano

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