Scratch and win in the limelight from Rome to L’Aquila between barrel and scam attempts

Beat the tobacconist convinced that you have won at the Scratch and Win – She did not want to believe the words of the tobacconist who, checking the ticket, told her he was not winning. So a 60 year old from Avezzano, as she reports Abruzzo Live, attacked the operator, convinced that he wanted to cheat her, as happened in September in Naples.

The police had to intervene to appease the client’s anger.

False coupon: old woman tries to cash it but is condemned – For fraud against the State she was sentenced to 4 months’ imprisonment, suspended sentence, and the payment of a fine of 120 euros and the granting of generic extenuating circumstances. Furthermore, in civil proceedings, National Lotteries will be compensated, which became a civil party in the process to assert the protection of lawful gaming.

This was decided by the Court of Rome regarding a 60-year-old of Calabrian origin but resident in Verona who in 2017, while on vacation in the capital, had tried to collect 500 thousand euros from a fake ticket found days before in the parking lot of her country.

“We will certainly appeal. The lady is a decent person and had acted absolutely in good faith”, say her lawyers. The messenger, which reports the news of the sentence. The defendant, in the courtroom, had stated that upon delivery of the Scratch and Win to Lottomatica she had pointed out to the operators that she was not sure of the authenticity of that title. But the sentence has come.


Scratch win limelight Rome LAquila barrel scam attempts

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