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The extraordinary couple Lucia Mascino-Filippo Timi is once again on the stage of the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan. On this occasion, with Promenade de Santé he interprets a story of love and madness in the theatrical debut of the film director Giuseppe Piccioni (among his films The red and the blue, These days, Out of the world).

He is narcissistic, obsessive; she psychotic, paranoid, schizophrenic. Both sick and in spite of themselves hunting for eros and love, they seek each other, they flee, they always palpitate. They duet to delve into weaknesses and fears by dancing a “two step” of a penetrating truth and an overwhelming vitality.

Filippo Timi and Lucia Mascino are two artists closely linked to the history of the Franco Parenti Theater which produced them in many shows. We can remember in the cult Favola by Timi himself, and before that in Hamlet2 the Shakespearean rewriting of the Umbrian actor also films for Rai5 and then again in Don Giovanni – Vivere is an abuse, never a right, one of Filippo’s most sensational theatrical successes Timi. The two are also a couple on television as they are the protagonists of the successful series Il Bar Lume aired since 2013 as a first-run pay by Sky Cinema. Finally, not to be forgotten is his interpretation of all three male roles of the Ibseniana Casa di Bambola, directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah.

Also in the current theatrical season, Filippo Timi will be the protagonist with a production by Parenti entitled Cabaret of the little things, ten monologues that tell the story, the tragedies, the loves of ten little things: the candle junk, born without a wick that wonders on the meaning of its very existence; a whiner faucet; the last cigarette before quitting smoking; the echo of a singer; a stone in love with another stone … On stage in the Sala Foyer from 25 to 30 October, Lucia Mascino will be on the bill next February with another of her works: Smarrimento, born from the artistic encounter with the award-winning playwright and writer Lucia Calamaro, author of The origin of the world, Life still and It is noted at dusk. The show, produced by the Stabile delle Marche, will be staged in Sala AcomeA from 10 to 2 February.

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