“Rome boring, Mourinho added value”

TORINO –Juve-Roma will not be a challenge between me and Mourinho. So spoke the Juventus coach Massimiliano Merry on the eve of the match against the capitoline led by the Portuguese: “It respect, he won a lot and I’m glad he is got back in Italy because it is a value added for the Giallorossi but also for our football – explained the Livornese at the press conference –. The hand to the ear Stadium after the Champions League match against United? It’s part of his personage, even though that was one of our best games. Now drive one Roma to which he gave character, they have strong players, four points more than us and they are dangerous on set pieces: an opponent ‘boring‘to face “.

Allegri and the story with Ambra: the technician’s response

Seven games to get back on top

In short, a difficult challenge, in which the you can’t afford to be wrong in sight of a cycle of races that can give a sense new to the season of bianconeri, after a championship start in words: “From here to the next stopover there will be seven games in which we have to do points, so as not to stray further from the summit of the ranking. We have to prepare for good, we come from a stop after some positive results and we have to turn on again immediately the switch otherwise – Allegri warns – we risk to break the bone“.

Juve-Roma: probable formations

Dybala no, Morata perhaps

Then some news on the singles: Morata? Today he should train and we will see if we can have him available without to risk to frustrate the work done by staff doctor and physiotherapists. Dybala? He is more back and there absolutely won’t be – explains the Juventus coach –, hoping to have it back at the team’s disposal in one week or at most ten days “. With Spanish in doubt, a chance might come for Kean: “He is fine as are all the others, we also have church to be deployed central or Kaio Jorge, who doesn’t have ninety minutes in his legs but is a good guy and I wake and there may be useful also in the next matches “.

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Allegri: “Mou gave character to Roma”

Messages for Ramsey and Bernardeschi

Merry he then answered a question about Welsh Ramsey, who has declared in recent days to feel managed best in national compared to what does not happen in the you: “With him no one chiatus because there was nothing to clarify. I had leaned on him a lot but then he had a injury, now with Wales he made two matches and I don’t know if tomorrow he will start from the beginning, but I do a lot on him reliance“. A message also for Bernardeschi: “He is no longer a kid and must find continuity yield, which depends on the appearance mental. You shouldn’t like what he did. “

Serie A, the standings

Calendar and national

Finally, a joke on difficulty due to the commitments of national, especially those South American: “Postpone the games as it happens in the League? Given that it is something that I do not decide, this is a situation of emergency date from Covid because the calendar international it wasn’t like that until last year. But somehow there is a trouble and one must be found solution. For the formations there is the coach, to decide to to shift the games – he said Merrythere are others organs competent “.

Serie A, results and fixtures


Rome boring Mourinho added

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