Big Brother, moments of terror in the house during the night: heavy risk for the competitors – the Democrat

What is happening in the house of the GF Vip? Confusion and fear in the night, with the lights off, everything happens. Here’s what we saw.

It was understood from the beginning that this year’s edition is a bit over the top. That was to be expected with the likes of Giucas Casella, Raffaella Fico, Jo Squillo and the panther Subject Stephens. The hot nights of Amedeo Goria con Ainett, ma this time it is a different kind of nights in the house. The sports journalist was caught taking a little too much confidences with the beautiful Venezuelan. Which caused waves of gossip and scandals. His wife also intervened, trying to save the situation.

This time, however, it is not about hot nights, but about nights in which chaos reigns supreme. In fact, it is not clear what happened the last few nights in the rooms of some of the protagonists. Certainly the most active were Giucas Casella and Miriana Trevisan, which involved, in spite of themselves, many other competitors of the house. Giucas we know to be a person capable of magical and mysterious powers, which he repeatedly demonstrated during live television. So it was natural that sooner or later Giucas’s talent would be released on this occasion as well.

Giucas and Miriana: the protagonists of the crazy evening in the house

Giucas Casella and Miriana Trevisan more wild than ever in the crazy night of the House. Nobody would have thought that, but the two have put together a real one seance, complete with revelations about love, the future and energy passages. As the night approached, it was the showgirl who began to approach Sophie codegoni it’s at predict the future: “I see this grown man, he is 45 to 50 years old, tattooed and muscular. You already know him. You have had a particular relationship. Love in general is there, but after a while you might get bored. But I see Gianmaria in the present. ” – he said Miriana, who then felt a spirit presence right next to Sophie, frightening her.

Then he took the field Giucas, who, this time as a true occult professional, transferred his energy to Sophie and predicted a relationship with Gianmaria. The girl’s reaction was between fright and amazement: “Oh my God I felt a very strong blast of heat. Absurd guys, as soon as he put his hands together a very strong heat came”- exclaimed Sophie. Chaos on social networks and in the home, where some have been influenced and they were frightened by the atmosphere that had been created.

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