BIG BROTHER VIP 2021 REPORT CARDS 10TH EPISODE / Miriana Trevisan “brakes” Nicola Pisu

BIG BROTHER VIP 2021 REPORT CARDS 10TH EPISODE / Miriana Trevisan “brakes” Nicola Pisu
BIG BROTHER VIP 2021 REPORT CARDS 10TH EPISODE / Miriana Trevisan “brakes” Nicola Pisu

The last night’s episode of Big Brother Vip, the tenth since the 2021 season began, was undoubtedly the episode of Manuel Bortuzzo. The young swimmer, we recall, in a wheelchair after being hit by a gunshot, lived a bit of a troubled week due to some really annoying health problems who have not left the same alone. Yesterday, also to cheer him up, Big Brother wanted to organize not one but well two surprises for the young man, by letting two great Italian swimming greats enter the most spied house in Italy, as well as two idols of Manuel Bortuzzo, such as Massimiliano Rosolino, and Filippo Magnini. The Neapolitan swimmer thus addressed the competitor of the Gf Vip: «We have so much in common, now more than ever out of the water we continue to resemble each other. This is a game worth playing, many strategies, but yours is number one because it’s you. Like you, I think you’re having a good time. Thanks to you from all over our world ». So instead Magnini: «Outside, a lot of girls are all in love with you. I heard you talking to Aldo about sports. The motto of the Paralympics is “spirit and movement”, you embody this Olympic spirit. Enjoy the journey, here you are an example for many, but when you start your sporting journey outside you will find me and Massi in the pool ». Manuel replied, making it clear that he wanted to continue his adventure: “I am in front of my idols as a child, now they are the ones who excite me, and then there is always time for one last race».

Another highlight of last night’s episode was the confrontation between Nicola Pisu and Mirana Trevisan. The first declared himself to the showgirl this week, and yesterday they talked about it again on live television: “What comes in my pocket to tell you these things, if it weren’t true? – the words of the gieffino – at the beginning I did not speak to anyone, then I found myself with you. I don’t care about aesthetics, I like the person. You are a very deep person and I am great with you. I am happy, happy and peaceful with you “. But Miriana Trevisan replied, not exactly convinced: “If that were the case I would have liked you from the start. You would have at least thought that I am aesthetically beautiful. I remember you until the beginning. Would you like more from me? ”. But he seems to go straight on his way: “When you like a person you want to go ahead, get to know them better. Here knowledge is faster, I see you every day ”. Nicola Pisu would therefore seem to want to get serious: we’ll see if this special friendship does will soon turn into love. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)


Amedeo Goria protagonist in the report cards of the tenth episode of Big Brother vip 2021. Once again it is at the top of our preferences, despite the elimination. We will miss a character like that very much and especially the dynamics of the program. Vote 8: with a master stroke she avoids the marriage “proposal” of Vera Miales, who returned to the house to obtain Goria’s yes and to confront her daughter Guenda. Vera came out very badly, as now everyone is clear about her purpose: to advertise.

Big Brother Vip, however, must thank her because the curtains are insured with her. Amedeo Goria he basically told her no without saying no. Almost brilliant. And then she blessed her daughter and her future husband for the wedding. An evening of quarrels but also of jokes, such as those that Signorini has trimmed Francesca Brambilla (vote 5) and Giucas Casella (vote 7). At the first he had the dog’s hardcover found, while he sent the second one into crisis with the “coat gate”.

Big brother VIP 2021: Miriana’s past, Gianmaria Antinolfi’s statement

Among the positive protagonists of the tenth episode there is Miriana Trevisan (vote 7). He should let go more, but now it’s a matter of time. With Nicola Pisu (vote 7) the feeling feels authentic. All we need is the approval of his son Nicola, who will probably arrive. He will come because his mother Miriana looks really happy and carefree. Although he still has some wounds from his past that need to heal completely.

Gianmaria Antinolfi (vote 6) declared himself live a Sophie coldegoni – in nomination with Miriana, Raffaella Fico and Soleil Sorge – but honestly it seems to have little chance of conquest. Magic moment instead for Manuel Bortuzzo (7), face to face with his idols Massimiliano Rosolino and Filippo Magnini. In the end, they are not sent to say Raffaella Fico (6) and Soleil Sorge (6.5), destined to inflame the next televoting with their fighting spirit.


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