“Juve-Roma without Dybala. I don’t know if I will call Morata”

TORINO – “Tomorrow is an important match, until the break we will have seven games in which it will be essential to collect points in order not to stray from the top positions. Roma have technique and physicality, you need to prepare well and immediately turn the switch back on. Today I will see the team all together and we will see what to do: I will decide the formation tomorrow morning because I will have to see everyone’s conditions” he has declared Massimiliano Merry in a press conference on the eve of the match between Juve and Roma. Then, come on Dybala and Morata: “Morata will train with the team today, but it depends on the risks you can take. Dybala absolutely not, he is far behind Morata. Within a week, ten days I believe it will be available ”.

Allegri and Ambra, the answer of the technician who closes every speech

Allegri su Ramsey, Kean, Bernardeschi e Rabiot

Comparison with Ramsey? There was nothing to clarify, I count on Ramsey long before he was injured. Tomorrow I don’t know if he will play from the start but he is a player I rely on”Explained Allegri. On Kean e Bernardeschi: “Kean is fine like everyone else. I haven’t decided anything yet, without Morata the choice would fall on him or on Chiesa or on Kaio Jorge who doesn’t have 90 minutes but is a very smart guy. I am happy with Bernardeschi because he is doing well, but he must not be satisfied. He must find that continuity of performance that depends only on the mental aspect. What has been done remains, what is ahead must be done. Tomorrow we have a good match that would allow us to make another jump in the standings “. On the absence of Rabiot: “Sorry not to have Rabiot available, because he was doing well and was growing. It means that he will rest and be even more ready for the next matches“.

Allegri’s words at the press conference

Allegri then added: “Tomorrow we also have 75% of the stadium and that’s another positive thing. There must be support from the fans, I’m very happy. Mourinho has won a lot, there is a relationship of great respect. It is in his character what he did after the match against Manchester. It is not a challenge between me and him and I am happy to see him again: the championship has brought back a coach of great value to Italy, it is therefore an added value for Roma and Serie A. Roma is a boring team to play against, they play vertically, attack spaces, have good shooters “. its De Ligt and McKennie: “De Ligt has rested with Holland and should play, Bonucci, Chiellini and Rugani are doing well. McKennie’s role? Central in front of the defense no, he is a raider with goals in the legs. He was very good with Torino. I have great confidence otherwise he would not play, tomorrow I don’t know if he will be in the game from the start or in the current game”.

Allegri: “Postpone matches like in La Liga? Solution must be found “

In favor of postponing some races as in other championships? These are things that I do not decide, I am always of the idea that they tell us where to play and we go. There is a body of competence that decides, but they must be faced with a more relaxed atmosphere. Also because this is an emergency that has changed international calendars”Is Allegri’s comment on the fact that in Spain, unlike what happens in Italy, La Liga decided to postpone the matches of the teams involved in the Champions League on Tuesday because they were penalized by the South American world qualifiers. Finally, onthe recovery of Dybala: “Was there any problem? Problem no, he’s on schedule. It always depends on how the situation evolves“.


JuveRoma Dybala dont call Morata

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