LIVE TMW – Juventus, Allegri: “Dybala still out. Today I evaluate Morata and the South Americans”

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11:45 – Massimiliano Allegri presents Juventus-Roma, a match valid for the eighth day of the Serie A championship, scheduled for tomorrow at 20:45 at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. brings you the Press conference by the Juventus coach, scheduled for 12 noon, live.

12:02 – Allegri takes his place in the press room of the Allianz Stadium: the Juventus coach’s conference begins now.

Do you have clear ideas about who will have available tomorrow?
“Clear ideas is a big word, today for the first time I see the whole team together. We have already been lucky to have the Europeans between Wednesday and Thursday, the South Americans arrived last night and let’s see what to do. I’ll decide in the morning. Juventus-Roma is always a great match where there has often been controversy. There is Mourinho who has given character, they are ahead of us and we have to score points like in the next 7 races so as not to stray too far from the top positions. They are physical, technical and dangerous on dead balls. You have to prepare well and immediately turn the switch back on after the break ”.

Did you have a confrontation with Ramsey?
“There was nothing to clarify, I leaned a lot on Ramsey at the beginning. Then he got injured but at least in the national team he has played two games now. Tomorrow I don’t know if he will play from the start but he is a player I rely on ”.

How are Dybala and Morata?
“Morata will train with the team today, but it depends on the risks that can be taken if he is available because then the work done by the doctors is nullified. Dybala absolutely not, he is far behind Morata. During the week I was reading Dybala can play with Roma … Maybe the return match … In the space of a week, a maximum of ten days I think he will be available ”.

What is your relationship with Mourinho?
“Mourinho is a coach who has won a lot and I respect him a lot, it is in his character to do every now and then as he did with Manchester a few years ago. Moreover, that gesture of the ears with Manchester United did it at the end of one of the most beautiful matches. of Juve, but in the end nobody remembers it because we lost. I am pleased to have brought a coach of great value like him back to Italy. “

How’s Kean doing?
“Kean is fine like everyone else. I haven’t decided anything yet, without Morata the choice would fall on him or on Chiesa or on Kaio Jorge who doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs but is a very smart boy and in the next games he will be a solution ”.

What ideas do you have about training? Where can Bernardeschi play?
“Tomorrow morning I will decide, today I will understand how the South Americans are because everyone has done a different minute with even the middle flight. I will decide in the last training session tomorrow morning. I am happy with Bernardeschi because he is doing well, but he must not be satisfied. He must find that continuity of performance that depends only on the mental aspect. What has been done remains, what is ahead must be done. Tomorrow we have a good match that would allow us to make another jump in the standings against a boring team that plays vertically, attacks spaces and has good shooters ”.

Amazed by an absence for COVID like Rabiot’s?
“Expressing a judgment on COVID absences is impossible. Sorry not to have him tomorrow because he was growing, it will mean that he will rest and play the next ones “.

Do you want to say something about what happened this week?
“I’ve never talked about private life in my life and I don’t intend to. These are two things that I have always divided, let’s talk about the game. Tomorrow we also have 75% of the stadium and that’s another good thing, then you’re back at the press conference tomorrow instead of seeing each other from afar. There has to be the support of the fans like with Chelsea, where there was great enthusiasm even in the difficulties. I’m really happy”.

Will there be defensive rotations tomorrow?
“De Ligt has rested with the Netherlands so he could play. Bonucci and Chiellini are doing well as well as Rugani also in view of the important match we have in the Champions League. The break in November will be important because it will allow us to understand where we are in the Champions League and in the league ”.

What is McKennie’s role?
“Central in front of the defense no, he is a raider with goals in his legs. It is not true that we do not have a good feeling, he was very good with Torino. I have great confidence otherwise he would not play. He is back on Thursday, tomorrow I do not know if it will be of the game from the beginning or the current game “.

Would you be in favor of postponing some races as in other championships?
“These are things that I do not decide, I am always of the idea that they tell us where to play and we go. If match shifts come out in Italy, open up the sky with the controversy over the favorite teams. There is a competent body that decides. However, things must be faced with a more relaxed atmosphere also because this situation is given by the COVID emergency that has changed international calendars. It wasn’t like that before. For every problem there is a solution ”.

Was there any problem in Dybala’s recovery?
“Problem no, he’s on schedule. It was thought that maybe a few days less he would put it there, but when those things happen to you on a muscular level you think one way and you think you can put in less. It always depends on how the situation evolves ”.

12:15 – Massimiliano Allegri’s press conference ends now.

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