what no one dares to say – Libero Quotidiano

what no one dares to say – Libero Quotidiano
what no one dares to say – Libero Quotidiano

Nicola Molteni

October 16, 2021

English democracy is still under attack, with the barbaric killing of the Conservative Party MP yesterday. David amess, stabbed while meeting citizens of his constituency. Police arrested a 25-year-old man who second The Independent and the Daily Mail And a Somali, it seems without accomplices. This is not the first assault on a representative of the British people. And it hit not only a supporter of the premier Boris Johnson, but a Westminster veteran, as Amess, 69, was first elected 38 years ago, under the iron premier Margaret Thatcher.

Yesterday Amess had organized a public meeting with his constituents in the Methodist church Belfair di Leigh-on-Sea, in Essex. Praiseworthy rite of British democracy, with the elected in close contact with those who trust them. But everything was spoiled in the blood. At around 12.00 local time (13.00 in Italy), a 25-year-old man entered the church and reached Amess by stabbing him several times. The first report came to the police at 12.05 and help arrived immediately, but they were in vain. Outside the church there was already a helicopter ready to take him to the hospital, but Amess passed away within minutes. Police explained: “We found him injured. He was treated by the emergency services, but he died on the spot. ‘

THE TERRORISM HYPOTHESIS – Of the bomber, the agents merely said: «Arrested by the officers who arrived at the scene, the man is now in custody. A knife has been recovered. No other individual is sought. ‘ One wonders where schizophrenia ends and terrorism begins. According to the newspaper The Guardian, the Essex police are flanked by counter-terrorism agents. The British newspaper reports that the counter-terrorism attends the investigation into the attack, led by the Essex police, closely monitoring the situation and is updated on the details that gradually emerge on the attack and on the suspicion., Remaining involved until a motive emerges. not terrorist “. Amess had been in Parliament since 1983 and despite not having held government posts, he distinguished himself on many issues. Married and father of five children, including the actress Katie Amess, was Catholic. He followed the battles for animal rights, for example by supporting a law in 1988 to improve the treatment of horses and ponies, then in 2005 by voting in favor of a ban on fox hunting. He was opposed to abortion and gay marriage. Since the 2016 referendum he was one of the earliest supporters of Brexit. Unfortunately, he is the fourth British MP to be attacked since the beginning of this century, and the second killed. In 2000 the Liberal Democrat Nigel Jones he was attacked with a samurai katana by the madman Robert Ashman who wounded him, killing his assistant instead Andrew Pennington, which had shielded him. In 2010 the Labor Stephen Timms he was wounded, again with a knife, by the Islamic terrorist Rosohandra Choudry, and survived. Instead, the Labor woman died in 2016 Jo Cox, murdered by the neo-Nazi Thomas Mair.

SAFETY ALARM – The new case pushed the Conservative MP Robert Halfon to ask for more security, declaring to Telegraph: “Every time we say we won’t let it happen again and nothing changes. We are all exposed, we hold our meetings with the voters and everyone knows who we are and where we live. I don’t know if we need police or security officers. ‘ Among the testimonies of condolences from London politicians, the words of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who immediately returned home from Marbella and who remembers Amess as “one of the kindest, nicest and nicest people in politics, stand out.” that “he also had an exceptional personal record of laws passed, always on the side of the most vulnerable,” concluded the prime minister.

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