Manetti Bros, with Diabolik on stage what we love – Ultima Ora

Manetti Bros, with Diabolik on stage what we love – Ultima Ora
Manetti Bros, with Diabolik on stage what we love – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 15 – An ovation welcomed the preview at the Rome Film Festival of the first five minutes of Diabolik, the awaited transposition signed by the Manetti Bros of the comic created by the Giussani sisters, waiting for the release (several times positicipata for the covid) on December 16th with 01 Distribution. The occasion for the ‘tasting’ was the meeting with the audience of the two filmmakers, who retraced the most important stages of their careers with Alberto Crespi and Fraancesco Zippel. Without revealing too much, it can be said that Diabolik opens with the protagonist played by Luca Marinelli, who bursts on the screen in the iconic black mask driving his Jaguar in one of the famous escapes for his city, Clerville in the late 60s. A spectacular sequence that offers, on the notes of the original song by Manuel Agnelli, also the debut of Inspector Ginko (Valerio Mastandrea). “We hope it’s a good movie and we thank first of all who created Diabolik, the Giussani sisters. They created a fantastic and incredibly multifaceted character, much more than you think, as is Eva Kant (played by Miriam Leone) .. Thank you for existing at the Giussani “. Their absolute ability to outline these characters “is an almost unique case of how far one can be on the side of evil – adds Marco Manetti -. This chase was filmed in three different cities, Milan, Bologna and Trieste. We put them together to make our Clerville “. For the two directors, loyalty to comics was central, also for having the rights of adaptation. Among the rules “there was also the fact that Diabolik could not have other cars than the Jaguar … and it is the most beautiful car in the world”. This film that was ready for about a year and a half “is very important for us, the crowning glory of staging something you love as a spectator and reader – adds the director -. I want to say that at this moment we are tense and excited, it is the first time something from the film is shown to the public. ” (HANDLE).


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Manetti Bros Diabolik stage love Ultima Ora

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