the vaccination campaign remains the first thing-

the vaccination campaign remains the first thing-
the vaccination campaign remains the first thing-
from Marco Galluzzo

At Palazzo Chigi they don’t want to hear about victory or satisfaction. Attention has already been focused on preparing for the G20 in Rome

No triumphalism, not even a hint of satisfaction, we continue to work stop. At Palazzo Chigi they don’t even want to hear the word victory: Mario Draghi light years away from considering himself the author of a winning bet. He also observes with a hint of annoyance the media and political chorus on one strategy that appeared effective.

If anything, in the staff of the head of the government the watchword is to continue to monitor the situation and push more and more so that other millions of Italians are convinced that the vaccine is better than the tampon. And from this point of view, and only on this plane, there is one moderate satisfaction: Even today’s data and the news coming to us since general Figliuolo they tell us that more and more people are becoming convinced. In short, if obviously the country’s reaction on the first day of the mandatory green pass is more than positive, as well as the absence of critical episodes for safety or for the normal work of companies, the prime minister remains focused primarily on the vaccination campaign and in parallel on the many measures being drawn up. Yesterday, if there was satisfaction, it was that linked to the launch of the decree on safety in the workplace, a provision for which Draghi thanked both the minister Orlando, both the trade unions for the many solutions suggested to improve the system, and finally the Regions, for their contribution. A result that for the head of the government was an excellent example of systemic, collective work of great institutional collaboration.

If anything, what is understood is that the monitoring of the data in progress at Palazzo Chigi can herald changes, both in the coming days and in the medium term. The hypothesis of widening the tax credit remains standing
for companies who decide, in full autonomy, to pay for tampons for your employees: we will discuss it next week. But not to be excluded not even that the rules on obligation
del green pass in effect since yesterday may be somehow modified: for Draghi common sense advises to consider them transitory, the progress of the vaccination campaign against Covid may suggest, depending on the results, to modify them.

From next week then it will start for the government, and for Draghi himself, an institutional effort not indifferent: somehow the countdown will start in view of the G20 at the end of the month, an event that I will bring smell the heads of state and government of the twenty richest economies in the world. The capital will be one international showcase, but it will have to be more than ready to welcome the work of the summit in the best possible way: a goal that will involve very sensitive profiles of public safety, an extraordinary commitment more ministries, a very high involvement and attention threshold on the part of our security services. For the country, given the controversies and the news of the last few days, it will be a further one efficiency test.

October 16, 2021 (change October 16, 2021 | 07:25)


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