Ferrari SF90 Spider, the review: how the 1,000 horsepower hybrid supercar goes on the road

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Via Abetone Inferiore 4, Maranello. More than an address, a place of worship for every car enthusiast, thanks to the presence of the historic entrance to the Ferrari factory. From here all the dream cars produced by the company founded by Enzo Ferrari came out, including the SF90 Spider protagonist of our test. The first plug-in hybrid model built by the Cavallino, it unloads a thousand horsepower on the four-wheel drive and at the same time can travel in fully electric mode.

Ferrari SF90 Spider, technical sheet

To push the new Ferrari SF90 Spider we find a powertrain consisting of the 780 horsepower V8 turbo engine combined with three electric motors for a total of 220 hp (162 kW): one placed between the internal combustion engine and the gearbox, and two on the front axle. . A battery with high-performance Li-ion technology powers the three motors and guarantees a range of 25km in eDrive mode, fully electric, using only the front axle. With the internal combustion engine off, the two independent front engines allow the car to reach a maximum speed of 135 km / h and also move the car in reverse. The 8-speed dual clutch gearbox has been completely redesigned and also comes the all-wheel drive. Together with the maximum specific power of 195 hp / l, the highest ever in the segment, the combustion engine declares maximum torque of 800 Nm at 6000 rpm. To achieve this result, Ferrari engineers worked on several areas of the engine, starting with an increase in displacement from 3902 cc to 3990 cc thanks to the bore now increased to 88 mm. The intake and exhaust system has been completely redesigned with a new reduced-width cylinder head with the injector positioned centrally and the adoption, for the first time on the Ferrari V8, of the GDI at 350 bar. To improve the internal fluid dynamics, in addition to the use of the larger diameter intake valve, the layout now assumes a configuration in which all the ducts are almost aligned horizontally at the height of the engine heads: the turbocharger unit has been lowered, while the exhaust line has been raised higher, as evidenced by the tailpipes in the upper part of the bumper. The turbos are now equipped with electrically controlled wastegate to improve catalyst heating and new compressor volutes.

Ferrari SF90 Spider, the roof opens in just 14 seconds

Designed by the style center headed by Flavio Manzoni, the new Ferrari SF90 Spider integrates the folding hard top with the design of the coupé version. From the aerodynamic point of view, the result of the work is a downforce of 390 kg at 250 km / h. Among the innovative and patented solutions stand out the Gurney shut-off, the active system on the rear of the car able to adapt to the driving conditions, and the new forged rim with wing profiles. Returning to the roof, it opens in just 14 seconds and can be operated up to 45 km / h. Another novelty comes with the raising of the separation line between the car body and the roof; the volume occupied by the latter is thus limited to only 100 liters compared to the traditional 150/200.

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Ferrari SF90 Spider interior

As on the coupé version, we find the philosophy of “eyes on the road, hands on the wheel” which led to the creation of a new man-machine interface equipped with a steering wheel with touch controls that allows you to never take your hands off while driving. The highly customizable 16-inch digital cluster. The new eManettino can be used to set the modes of use of the power unit (Hybrid, Performance and Qualify).

Ferrari SF90 Spider Ibrida plug-in

How do you get the Ferrari SF90 Spider to travel in full electric mode? Through the new steering wheel. By acting on a special selector on the steering wheel and called eManettino (in analogy with the Manettino for managing driving controls and still present), the driver can select four different power unit management modes: eDrive: the internal combustion engine remains off and the traction is entrusted only to the electric front axle; starting from a fully charged battery, it is possible to travel up to 25km in this mode. This profile is suitable for driving in city centers, or in any situation where the sound of the Ferrari V8 could be a problem; Hybrid: this is the standard operating mode, in which the power flows are managed in such a way as to optimize the overall efficiency of the system; the control logic decides independently whether to keep the internal combustion engine on or off; if turned on, the internal combustion engine is able to work at maximum power, so as to guarantee high performance if required by the pilot; Performance: unlike the Hybrid, this mode forces the internal combustion engine to stay on all the time and favors maintaining the battery charge over efficiency, so as to ensure full availability of power as soon as it is required. This is the preferred mode in all situations where you want to privilege driving fun; Qualify: this mode allows the maximum power of the system to be reached, as the electric motors are also allowed to work at their maximum potential (162kW); the control logic favors obtaining maximum performance, giving lower priority to maintaining the battery charge.

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