“Alarm-fascism? Realistic as a spaceship in a black hole” – Libero Quotidiano

“Alarm-fascism? Realistic as a spaceship in a black hole” – Libero Quotidiano
“Alarm-fascism? Realistic as a spaceship in a black hole” – Libero Quotidiano

“The ‘fascist’ danger is as realistic as a spaceship entering a black hole”: Massimo Cacciari dismantle the alarmism that spread after the No-Green protest passed in Rome, which then degenerated with the assault on the CGIL headquarters and with violent clashes between police and demonstrators. For the philosopher, it is wrong to compare the two historical moments: “The historical, social, cultural conditions of that characteristic totalitarian phenomenon they have no remote confirmation in the current reality of any country. “Just think that a century ago, Cacciari wrote on The print, fascism found the support of decisive sectors of industry, finance and important state apparatuses. Which is not happening now.

According to the philosopher, “the movements that refer to that tragedy they are farce, however painful, that nothing politically can ever count “. Cacciari also explained that” decades of states of emergency “certainly do not favor a democratic regime. At the same time, however, he wrote:” The harder it is to hold onto that idea of ​​democracy, the more it becomes necessary. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t worry: no fascism will be in our destiny anyway“The danger that everyone risks running today is another, according to the analysis provided by the philosopher.

“The danger that grows every day is quite another: that the person disappears engulfed by fears, from the avarice, the envy, the resentments of the individual, anxiously looking for someone to reassure him, protect him, console him “, Cacciari underlined”. And this is where politics comes into play: “If political forces and cultures are divided in representing these instincts, each ‘specializing’ in reassuring about this or that ‘danger’, always relying on means too more emergency, instead of identifying and addressing its structural causes, where we will end up nobody knows or can say “. In any case, we would not end up in a fascist regime anyway:” Of course it will be a regime that has absolutely nothing to do with the democratic mantras that we keep repeating, pitiful veil of the shipwreck which up to now has undergone every attempt to reform our institutional system and the relationship between its functions and its powers “.

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Alarmfascism Realistic spaceship black hole Libero Quotidiano

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