Ancona is the cheapest city in Italy – Chronicle

Ancona is the cheapest city in Italy – Chronicle
Ancona is the cheapest city in Italy – Chronicle

Ancona, 16 October 2021 – Ancona it is the city with the lowest inflation rate in Italy and therefore the least expensive in terms of rising cost of living. This was announced by the National Consumers Union which examined the Istat inflation data in September for the regions, regional capitals and municipalities with more than 150 thousand inhabitants. The Doric city is the most virtuous of the 31 cities examined with an inflation of 1.8%. The impact on the pockets of the average Ancona families will be equal to 408 euros on an annual basis (544 for a family of 4). Naples also did well, in second place among the most economical cities, with + 2.3%, equal to 503 and 656 euros respectively, while Cagliari was in third place. Black jersey in Genoa that undermines the historical record of Bolzano: the inflation of the Ligurian capital, the highest in Italy, ex aequo with Catania, equal to + 3.6% translates into a higher equivalent annual additional expenditure, on average , at 874 euros, but which spikes to 1,399 euros for a family of 4 members.

Ahead to the ranking of the most expensive regions with inflation at + 2.9%, Trentino while the Marche ranks in fifteenth place out of twenty. But despite the excellent performance of the Doric capital, it will be an autumn of increases: in September the consumer price index for the entire community increased by 1.8% compared to the previous year. The greatest increases in the Electricity, Water, Fuels (+ 9.5%), Transportation (+ 6.8%), Catering and Hospitality (+ 1.5%), Health Services (+ 0.5%) sectors while falling the costs of Clothing and Footwear (-1.8%) and Education (-3%). The items relating to food and drink products, household items, communication, entertainment and culture were more or less stable.

According to the National Consumers Union, the increase in prices recorded by Istat draws a worrying scenario for families, a “sting” with an average impact at national level between 750 and 900 euros. In fact, it was since November 2012 that there has not been such a high level of inflation.

In the cart of the expenditure of Ancona in September, only vegetables (+ 5.9%) increased compared to August, while fish fell by 5.4%. Stable bread and cereals, meats, milk, cheeses and eggs while fruit fell by 0.6%. A sector that in September compared to August is also that of Transport (-1.1%): although fuel, cars and car repairs are on the rise, the heavy economic downturns in air and sea transport (respectively -29.1% and -34.8%) impose a negative sign.

They brake abruptly, as expected, the holiday packages (-8%); recreational and sports services are also falling (-7.4%) while computers and sports items are on the rise, probably also due to the reopening of schools.

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