” If you really liked me … ”

” If you really liked me … ”
” If you really liked me … ”

Miriana Trevisan and Nicola Pisu discuss the feeling that is being born between them at Big Brother Vip.

Miriana Trevisan e Nicola Pisu they are more and more accomplices. After an initial interest in Andrea Casalino, the showgirl made a nice discovery, knowing Nicola better and since then the two have been inseparable. Although he has declared himself, Miriana he wants clarity on the feelings that bind them and on the future after Big Brother Vip.

Big Brother Vip, Miriana Trevisan: doubts about Nicola Pisu

An intense relationship is developing between Miriana Trevisan e Nicola Pisu in the house of Big Brother Vip. The gieffino had quite a few difficulties in settling in but the closeness of the showgirl seems to do him good. Nicola declared himself, admitting to being happy close to Miriana and to feel the “butterflies in the stomach”, but she still seems to have some doubts. The two protagonists of the sixth edition of reality show by Alfonso Signorini they confronted each other and the Trevisan questioned the interest of Nicola.

“What comes in my pocket to tell you these things, if it weren’t true? At first I didn’t talk to anyone, then I found myself with you. I don’t care about aesthetics, I like the person. You are a very deep person and I am great with you. I’m happy, happy and peaceful with you “, Gieffino reiterated. “If that were the case I would have liked you from the start. You would have at least thought that I am aesthetically beautiful. I remember you until the beginning. Would you like more from me? “, he asked Miriana to test Nicola.

He, without any hesitation, confessed: “When you like a person you want to move on, get to know them better. Here knowledge is faster, I see you every day “. In conclusion, Nicola he is ready to fall in love and seems more and more taken by Miriana. She, on the other hand, is prey to doubts and has no intention of continuing until she has satisfactory answers. Will love be born or will it be suffocated by the insecurities of the two gieffini?

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