three deaths in a few hours in Modena, Barletta and Sassari-

three deaths in a few hours in Modena, Barletta and Sassari-
three deaths in a few hours in Modena, Barletta and Sassari-
from Alessio Ribaudo

Another dramatic day, there are also two other very serious workers (both in the Milanese area). Just today the Draghi government approved the new measures to stem the massacre

Three other white sheets, from North to South, to cover the corpses of as many workers. a continuous and silent massacre: the toll for the first nine months of 2021 of at least two victims a day. Going back to yesterday, a 49-year-old Chinese farmer died in Disvetro di Cavezzo in the Modena area. got stuck in a machine used for irrigation. Going further south, in Puglia, Luigi Riefolo, a 62-year-old worker, who died hit by a wheel loader in Barletta. He worked for an outside firm, in charge of cleaning services, of a company that produces fertilizers and fertilizers. Instead in Sardinia, Gianuario Derudas, a 43-year-old worker, lost his life crushed by the forklift he drove inside the municipal Ecocentro of Sassari. The man, according to an initial reconstruction, was moving some material when the vehicle would have tilted to one side: Derudas would have tried to jump out to save himself but the forklift would have overturned on that side, overwhelming him to death. In the city the second victim at work within 24 hours.

In addition to the three victims, there are other serious accidents. In Nerviano, in the Milanese area, yesterday was a black day. In the early afternoon, a 66-year-old was electrocuted while working inside an electrical substation and in very serious conditions at the Legnano hospital where a 44-year-old worker who fell from the roof of a six-meter-high warehouse was also hospitalized and reported polytrauma.

The new rules

Ironically, just today, the Draghi government had approved new measures to stem accidents at work resulting from a close confrontation with the unions. I want to express the satisfaction of the government and mine for the approved rules on safety at work – said the prime minister – because in recent months we have seen an unacceptable number of deaths. As a government, we are committed to doing everything possible to prevent these incidents from happening again. Norms are the fulfillment of this promise. We increase the workforce of the labor inspectorates, we tighten the sanctions, we give impetus to computerization to improve controls. We want to give an unequivocal signal: no savings are made on the lives of workers. For the president of Inail, Franco Bettoni: government initiatives on health and safety are necessary because from January to August 2021 there were 349,449 reports of accidents at work (+ 8.5% compared to the same period in 2020 ), which doubles if the comparison is made net of Covid-19 infections (+ 17.5%). There were 772 reports of accidents with victims in all. Compared to the first eight months of 2020 – concludes Bettoni – 2021 had a 6.2% decrease in deaths, which becomes an increase if the comparison is made net of infections from Covid-19 (+ 20%). The incidence of Coronaviruses, in the first 8 months of 2020, was almost 1 report every 2, while in 2021 it dropped to 1 Covid report every 5.

The warning

A few days ago it was the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who issued a harsh warning about deaths at work: A social wound that cannot be solved, but unfortunately always increasing and becoming lacerating every time you learn, as in recent weeks , daily and dramatic updates of incidents that have occurred. The Constitution in article 4 “recognizes the right to work for all citizens and promotes the conditions that make this right effective”. In order for this right to be effectively guaranteed, a democratic state must allow everyone to carry out their work, protecting their health and ensuring that they are carried out in complete safety.

In Europe

In Europe, every year, there are over three thousand victims at work. So much so that governments are addressing the problem with a collective strategic approach that led, last June, to a community plan on health and safety with the declared objective of the European Commissioner for Labor, Nicolas Schmit, to further reduce fatal accidents at work.

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