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Miriana Trevisan at Big Brother Vip told a sad background. Revealing for the first time why she is holding back with Nicola Pisu.

Miriana Trevisan is undoubtedly one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixth edition of GF VIP. At the party organized on the occasion of Manila Nazzaro’s birthday, the ex-girlfriend of Non è la Rai kissed Nicola Pisu and since that moment the two have come closer and closer.

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So much so that he spoke important words towards her, but she has always been on his own and during the course of tonight’s live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini asked her for more explanations regarding her attitude and she declared that a past story hurt her and her son too much and for this he wants to take it easy, but the truth is not only this.

During the commercial on channel 5, on 55, there was an off-air that changed everything. Miriana Trevisan admitted the whole truth to GF Vip, revealing a sad background.

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Miriana Trevisan without brakes: sad confession to GF Vip

As soon as Alfonso Signorini aired the advertisement, Miriana Trevisan told the truth to her traveling companions. Revealing that in addition to wanting to go easy on this knowledge because he does not in any way want to upset his son Nicola, born from the love story with the singer Pago, she is worried for the age difference. As there may be some obstacle between them, given this difference. Which?

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Miriana confided to not being able to have children and for this reason she is frightened and held back by the idea of ​​starting a relationship with a younger man who may have within him the desire to want to become a father and she could not meet this need.

A sad confession that of the ex-girlfriend of Non è la Rai, suffered, who for the first time wanted to share with her travel companions who have begun to better understand the reasons for her brakes against Nicola Pisu at Big Brother Vip.

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But true love is able to go beyond all of this. The relationship between Miriana and Nicola, just born, will he be able to go further? We just have to wait to see how this story will evolve between them.

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