Exhibition Kurt Ammann Youth – The age of innocence – Milan

From November 10, 2021 all’December 1, 2021

Milan (MI)

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Region: Lombardy

Place: Palazzo Pirelli Events Space, via Fabio Filzi 21

Phone: 02/67482777

Opening time: 9.30-12.30; 14.30-16.30 from Monday to Thursday; 9.30-12.30 Friday. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Cost: Free admission

Where to buy: 0 – free admission. Info and reservations: mail [email protected]

Website: www.consiglio.regione.lombardia.it

Manager: Swiss Consulate General in Milan in collaboration with the Lombardy Regional Council

The exhibition by photographer Kurt Ammann Youth, Swiss from Bern, born in 1925, with a clear look and steel temper, is fully part of the Swiss movement of great auteur photography which has exerted a worldwide influence on a par with design and architecture.
His mentors and friends were Werner Bishop, Jacob Tuggener, Robert Frank, Renè Burri.
With them Ammann shared the clear and essential style of his images, the formal elegance, the compositional rigor that represents the most direct emanation of Straight Photography: the formal genesis of contemporary reportage photography.

Kurt Ammann’s account of youth has captured the interest of institutions in two countries. Switzerland, which is Kurt Ammann’s homeland and cultural matrix. In his images it appears evident in the seabed, in the landscapes, in the stories of the trips of the Boy Scouts, or of the little shepherds supported by the Red Cross, in the healthy smiles of the children raised in a still uncontaminated nature.

And then Italy, and in particular Lombardy, Ammann’s adoptive homeland. He has lived there for years, with a sense of hospitality paid to the point that this first retrospective comes to life in the magnificent institutional spaces of the Region at Palazzo Pirelli.

The totally new selection dedicated to this exhibition spans several decades and ranges from Switzerland to Japan, from Brazil to Turkey, from Italy to Korea and Ghana. The children and young people who compose it all surprisingly speak the same language, that of universal feelings, to the point that we wanted to mix them in a sequence without a specific geographical or temporal process.

The exhibition is curated by Biba Giacchetti and with the collaboration of Fausto Fabiano.

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