first as a captain against Juve

ROMARome at least on Lorenzo Pellegrini can breathe a sigh of relief. The Giallorossi captain is in fact back at Mourinho’s disposal and will be available for Sunday’s match against Juventus. The attacking midfielder had returned weakened by the commitments of the national team due to a flu syndrome that had forced him to miss the first training session of the week. But for two days now Pellegrini has returned to Fulvio Bernardini, also gritting my teeth, to start working for the big match. Although he was not yet fully healed (inevitably there is a lack of energy after a feverish attack), the number 7 of Roma wasted no time and from Tuesday he began to work with his teammates to study the anti-Juve moves and try to win his first match at the Allianz Stadium.

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Because in the match in Turin two seasons ago won by the Giallorossi 3-1 Pellegrini had not been called up for the rupture of the nasal septum which had also compromised his match in the eighth final of the Europa League against Sevilla. A bitter morsel to swallow, now there hope to find a success very important for the journey of Rome in the league. A success that would have an even sweeter flavor as it would be the first against Juventus with the captain’s armband on his arm. Also because he missed last season’s return match due to disqualification. The captain is ready, Pellegrini wants to storm the stadium.

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Mourinho studies anti-Juve Roma: Pellegrini is there

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