an unedited image shows the rewards of the Lightless

The last image on the ghostly lands of Elden Ring was not enough, the guys from FromSoftware continue to whet the curiosity of soulslike fans by showing on social networks a new shot, strictly in-engine, which shows the rewards to be unlocked by exploring the open world map in the cloths of the Senzaluce.

In the long journey undertaken by his alter-ego to become the Ancestral Lord, each player will be able to embark on a series of activities which, if completed, will grant access to priceless treasures.

The progression of the Elden Ring free roaming game experience will then pass through the exploration of dungeons and secret areas defended by formidable bosses and their host of creatures sprung from the Disintegration of the Interregnum. The tenacity shown by the visitors of the Interregnum will be rewarded with the rewards mentioned by FromSoftware in the new image, provided of course to be able to overcome the warriors and monsters guarding the most powerful equipment and artifacts.

Without further ado, we leave you in the company of the new ingame shot of Elden Ring and we remind you that the blockbuster action role by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco is scheduled for launch for the January 21, 2022 su PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X/S.


unedited image shows rewards Lightless

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