the parades do not block Italy-

the parades do not block Italy-
the parades do not block Italy-
from Monica Guerzoni

Sit-in from Milan to Naples: trains, planes and goods continue to travel. The certificates of illness are more than 23%, but the first doses also increase

A Rome, the women who demonstrated against the green pass donated to the police Red roses, come «gesture of pacification national”. It is one of the colors of October 15, 2021, the day that will go down in history for the debut of the green certificate for 23 million workers.
Protests, strikes and sit-ins against the green pass obbligatorio from Milan to Naples, from Bologna to Rome, they have not slowed down the engines of the country. Italy did not stop. Wholesale markets worked, ports remained open despite blockages and inconveniences and people, buses, trains, planes, goods continued to travel. The feared «

black friday
It wasn’t a black Friday. The symbolic measure of the fight against the pandemic, against which no vax violence was unleashed last Saturday in Rome, passed the test of fire without incidents, without clashes and with an effect on the first doses of vaccine: 70,296, with an increase in 34% compared to the beginning of the week. And even if there was some difficulty in entering the factories, the industrial leader Carlo Bonomi praises the “great sense of responsibility” of the companies

Insults in Segre

The tension remains high, proof of this is the manifestation that has sent the traffic of Bologna. Seven thousand people in piazza Maggiore, signs “freedom” and “slavery that violates the Constitution”, then the no vax holding the megaphone and shouting shameful insults against life senator Liliana Segre, who “should disappear” only because she is in favor of the vaccine. Choruses and attacks minutes are raised from all over Italy too against the premier
Draghi, the secretary of the CGIL Landini and
against journalists. In Trieste, a Rai troupe at work was surrounded and overwhelmed by whistles: «Sold!».
Roma wakes up with barriers in St. Peter’s Square, which reveal the fear of unrest. At 8.37 Renato Brunetta arrives at the Ministry of Public Service and pulls out the QR code on his mobile, proud and relieved because the tampon system holds (506,043,000 yesterday). “We have prepared ourselves, there will be no problems “, the minister prophesies. Meanwhile, however, sickness certificates in the public have risen by 23% in seven days and the Ligurian town of Badalucco has not opened its doors, because 9 out of 10 employees do not have the green pass and the eleventh, in solidarity with his colleagues, also went on strike.

You carry in fits and starts

At 9 the deputy ex grillina Sara Cunial barricades herself with the councilor Davide Barillari in the offices of the Lazio region: “Resistence!”. President Zingaretti gets angry and solidarity is directed to the workers, “put at risk by a privileged (Barillari, ed) who just wants to collect a few votes “. TO Trieste there are already a thousand to block Gate 4, dockers in yellow jackets and many people cheering for them. At the port of Genoa the airport is in fits and starts, long lines of trucks arriving from the North are formed and the tension is growing: the activists identified by the Digos risk complaints for road occupation. At Fincantieri of Marghera there are just about ten Cobas, in Ancona the sit-in workers close the access. TO Gioia Tauro the absent are 60 out of 280, but in Campania, Puglia and Sardinia there are no blocks. In the streets of Verona Dozens of signs appear with the words “you cannot pass without a green pass”, but they will be false. How fake are the green passes sold for 250 euros in cryptocurrency through two Telegram channels, seized by Public Prosecutor of Catania.

At Palazzo Chigi

The ministers arrive for the meeting with Draghi and the controls are triggered for them too. Meanwhile Giorgia Meloni accuses the government of having “increased tension», Letta defends the premier e Salvini relaunches his mantra: “Either the whole world is wrong, or we are exaggerating.” TO Sigonella the first sit-in against the “green paid certificate” of the Air Force is staged in front of the Italian military base.

Boom of tampons

A Milano the procession starts from the courtyard of the Statale and moves towards Piazza Fontana, with the students shouting “no green pass at the university and in the whole of society “. The absences of the drivers cause several trips to be skipped, but buses, subways and trains do not stop. There Trenord he has to do without 32 between train drivers and capitreno who do not have the pass, yet thanks to the reserve workers the circulation will be regular even today. TO Trieste 106 out of 601 drivers did not work and another 50 became ill. in the meantime in pharmacies throughout Italy And boom in requests for the tampon.

Attacks on CGIL

A Roma the cry that resounds is “freedom, freedom!”. In the middle of the afternoon the demonstrators at the Circus Maximus are thousands. A few banners of Gianluigi Paragone’s movement are waving, Italexit and the arguments are of this tenor: “It is filthy to tie work to a passport.” The lawyer takes care of the spirits Edward Polacco, which leads the Sentinels of the Constitution: “We are with the breath on the neck of our main enemy, the government.” It’s still: “The trade unionists sold us to Brunetta“. Landini is also the target a Treviso, where in the night a banner appeared with the red spray: “Cgil servi dello Stato”. TO Florence in the shadow of Santa Maria Novella about six hundred people shout “no to the green card”.

In the barracks

Protests throughout Italy, not always crowded. TO Bari the angry are a few dozen. Those who parade in Cagliari get a few buckets of water from the windows. In Bolzano the workers brought helmets, chainsaws, cups or other tools of the trade. There Local health authority of Imperia
suspends 39 doctors and nurses no vax, the police headquarters of Syracuse send home a policeman and he vents on social media: “Without salary until December 31st because I don’t have the infamous green card”. And it is a case of the complaint of a Bologna trade union: «Carabinieri without green pass evicted from the barracks».

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