Miriana Trevisan, the revelation after years about Mike Bongiorno: how it really was with her

Miriana Trevisan, current competitor of Big Brother Vip, was one of the most loved showgirls by Italians. Some time ago she let herself go to an interview where she talked about her experience alongside Mike Bongiorno. Here’s what he revealed

Miriana Trevisan and Mike Bongiorno-Altranotizia

Miriana Trevisan today it is engaged as a competitor of Big Brother VIP 6, where it is widely talked about. Currently, the gieffina is having a relationship that leads to discussions with the competitor of the reality show, Nicola Pisu.

However, she experienced success already at the age of 19. In fact, fame overwhelmed her unexpectedly, in a very short time she went from being a neighborhood girl to having hundreds of admirers under the house. Trevisan began its adventure with the channel 5 program “It’s not Rai” in 1991 and for her the doors of the Italian show opened.

In recent years he has begun to talk more about his career, retracing it in the various stages. One of the most important characters in the Italian show business, the great Mike Bongiorno, was a great mentor for her. Let’s see together how was the relationship really the current gieffina and the father of all conductors.

Miriana Trevisan and Mike Bongiorno: the truth about the presenter

Miriana Trevisan spoke in the last years of his career and inevitably the speech touched the relationship between her and the great Mike Bongiorno. The showgirl said some time ago in an interview with Rai radio 2 that actually the great presenter he was a man feared by all how many, most likely because his figure was that of an austere and serious, precise and fussy man.

Miriana also added that the great conductor has always been framed by everyone as a teacher and his experience has always aroused great admiration. When Mike gave his opinion on someone and labeled them, this label was stuck on the characters.

So some time ago the former gieffina was directly told something more on the real relationship with him.

“Everyone feared him except me”

The well-known soubrette in an interview some time ago said: “Everyone feared him except me.” In fact, the woman revealed some unprecedented aspects of her relationship with the presenter and said: “He was paternal with me”. The contestant of the Gf Vip fondly remembered her mentor, explaining that he was affectionate and joking with her.

The presenter has often repeated that the king of conductors has never said a word out of place or had particular fights about him, despite his reputation as a “not easy man”.

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