Shock insults of the no pass to Liliana Segre: “It must disappear”

Shock insults of the no pass to Liliana Segre: “It must disappear”
Shock insults of the no pass to Liliana Segre: “It must disappear”

On the first day of its entry into force, there were several demonstrations in the squares of various Italian cities to demonstrate against the obligation to Green pass necessary to be able to access workplaces. Several parades marched against the green certification, with their eyes focused above all on the ports, in particular on that of Trieste, where the risk was that of a total blockade which however fortunately did not occur.

The insults to the senator

Great attention was paid to the procession that went through Bologna, which was characterized by insults directed to the senator Liliana Segre, accused of betraying its history and past through its support for the Green pass. In the video reported by Repubblica we see with the microphone in hand, Gian Marco Capitani of the no Green Pass movement, Primum non nocere, who from the stage in Piazza Maggiore sent clear insults to the life senator Liliana Segre defined by the same “A shameful woman who should disappear”. The protestor’s attack on the senator then continued: “A woman who holds a seat she shouldn’t have because it brings shame to her story and who is Liliana Segre, who should disappear from where she is.”

So many reactions that the video of the attack on Segre aroused in the political scene. Among these, the comment of two parliamentarians of the M5s who, in a note, wanted to say:“Approaching the security measures that the government implements to leave the pandemic behind the Nazi regime is terrifying and shows how much the protest is overcoming the limits of reason”. Recurring theme of the protesters in the square was the comparison of the new measures to those of the fascist era: “This is a fascism 2.0 because it uses technological structures that weren’t there before. So it’s much more dangerous. ”

“We firmly condemn the insults to Senator Liliana Segre during the NoGreenPass demonstration they are shameful!”, The national coordinator of Forza Italia wrote on Twitter. Antonio Tajani. Even Fico is indignant: “The hateful words about Liliana Segre are a horrible stain that marks this day. My closeness and @Montecitorio’s closeness to her.” And the same goes for Casellati: “The insults to Senator Liliana Segre are unacceptable and shameful, an extraordinary woman who courageously, throughout her life, has testified to the need to oppose discrimination and violence, to protect the rights of all”.

The demonstration in Bologna

The procession then headed along the avenues, shouting “Mario Draghi in prison” and “Freedom”, blocking the cars in transit, with the idea of ​​making a stop in front of the Halloween pub, which is now closed because it had not observed the anti-Covid legislation. The procession of demonstrators then continued to the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna Region and finally to the headquarters of Rai. During the procession therefore, in addition to the insults against Segre, choirs were also directed against the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the President of the Region Stefano Bonaccini and against the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini.


Shock insults pass Liliana Segre disappear

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