the tragedy becomes a film for Netflix-

the tragedy becomes a film for Netflix-
the tragedy becomes a film for Netflix-
from Emilia Costantini

The murder, the investigations and the trial in a story signed by Giordana

Roma On November 26, 2010 on a Friday, but not just any Friday. Yara Gambirasio, a 13-year-old girl from Brembate, goes to the sports center where she has been training for some time for rhythmic gymnastics, her passion. He takes the usual route on foot, about 700 meters from where he lives and arrives at his destination at 5.30 pm. He leaves the gym at 6.40 pm and is expected to return home around 6.45 pm. But those five minutes will turn into hours, days, months, because Yara will never come back. Her body was found lifeless in a field three months later, in an advanced state of decomposition, on February 26, 2011: lying on her back, arms crossed over her head and legs apart. She was killed on the evening of her disappearance, she did not suffer rape, but her poor limbs bear numerous wounds from a violent attack. Abandoned to the cold, died of exhaustion and hypothermia. A trace of genetic material that refers to a male DNA is discovered on her panties. And the hunt for the killer begins: the infamous unknown 1.

His story became a film, Wound, played by Chiara Bono, produced by TaodueFilm and directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, on November 5 on Netflix and, later, on Canale 5. When I was proposed, the first reaction was: no, I don’t want to touch a burning ember – the director begins – then the well-documented script convinced me. But the task of a film to enchant with all the characters, in this case also with the figure of the murderer and as a director I ask myself the question: is all true or is it an alleged judicial error? It seems absurd but, after a long trial, a final sentence and the culprit Massimo Bossetti (Roberto Zibetti) to life imprisonment, there are still many innocentists on social media. Cinema for art, a stronger tool than the judicial act itself. Here we tell the tragedy of an absence.

The central figure is the public prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri, a strong, determined, courageous woman, played by Isabella Ragonese: We have chosen an objective point of view – explains the screenwriter Graziano Diana – to follow the long path of the investigations, which lasted years, as well as the writing of the screenplay lasted years, where we do not assume the right to indicate the culprit, we tell the facts. The film is strictly based on the investigation of the magistrate Ruggeri: she too, in reality, the mother of a girl of the same age as Yara, takes that atrocious crime to heart. And in the role of the victim’s parents Mario Pirrello and Sandra Toffolatti. I believe that it is a duty for those who do our job, to make known to the general public, especially the youngest, important characters and facts, whose memory remains alive – concludes the producer Pietro Valsecchi -. For the dramatic murder of little Yara, we wanted to reconstruct not only the steps of a unique investigation of its kind, but to enter the soul of those who have struggled for years amidst enormous difficulties to arrive at the identification and conviction of the guilty party. The innocentists? Of course, they exist as no vaxes.

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