These are victories that give my players confidence

These are victories that give my players confidence
These are victories that give my players confidence

Thus Ettore Messina commented on the fourth consecutive success in the Euroleague: “An important victory, against the European champions. A difficult game, they started with the three longs and we didn’t find the right space in attack. Also, Rodriguez’s early fouls were a problem and we got a little short in the rotations. But we defended, circulated the ball well and I’m happy because Datome has found his important shots. The key was to close the first half ahead, from -9, then we played an excellent third quarter, then in the fourth we had some problems with fatigue, but it was a great victory. Delaney played another high-level match on both sides of the pitch ”.

A word on the referees: “We had 22 assists against 15 and 9 turnovers against 14, tied by rebound and we shot better from 3. But we have a worse rating because the fouls were 10-22, I think I’ve never seen him in 30 years of career. I leave the comments to you, but it is an interesting statistic ”.

Mental strength in the most difficult moment? “An encouraging sign. That the players focused on what needed to be done, rather than hoping for something different. There were so many reasons to lose our heads, we responded by raising the intensity of the defense and moving the ball on offense ”.

The defense: “We have faced teams that play differently, today the best for isolation. On the one hand it was our credit, taking away the other options, but it is an isolation of Larkin and Micic. We have held up quite well. There have been different experiences in these four games and now we will find a very athletic one ”.

Four quarters of Euroleague nobility: “An honestly real figure. When you beat Cska and Efes at home, it’s a bit like an away win. Surely these victories will give confidence to my players, for my mental form, my goal continues to be to return to the playoffs. And these four victories could be important for the goal, then let’s see where we will be in 2/3 months. After Christmas the ranking is made ”.


victories give players confidence

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